Very Important Message Regarding Free Books – Please Read

by Greg on March 27, 2012

As of the time of this writing (4PM EST), there is a problem at Amazon where none of the books – free or paid – are showing up as available in the U.S. Revised(4:38 pm): It looks as though the problem has been resolved although a couple people are still reporting that they can’t get all of the books yet.

This is an Amazon problem, not ENT. Amazon is usually good at taking care of these issues so hopefully it will be back up and running soon.

Many people have said that they can’t access their books on their Kindles either so if you’re having the same problem, it is not just you and your Kindle is most likely fine – we just need to wait for Amazon to fix the issue.

I’ve still included all of the free books for today in hopes that they will be getting this situation resolved while the books are still free.

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1 sharon March 27, 2012 at 1:49 pm

in trying to use the links to free books today I was not given the message to “click here if purchased in error” for purchases that were in fact not free and accidentally purchased the Jacqueline Onassis book as well as one other that was only 2.99. I don’t understand why the message sometimes appears “if you purchased this in error click here” and othere times like today does not appear. Please explain. the print on my kindle was small and I am not always proficient in remembering to expand the page of the touch screen, but when I did espand it, I still couldn’t find the purchased in error message. Help. Salvaged the funding but don’t want the Onassis book. What do I do?

2 MomtoMany5 March 27, 2012 at 12:58 pm

I truly appreciate all the effort you put into providing Free or Low Cost quality books, for Kindle readers.
I feel like I’ve added a nice assortment of books for everyone in my family, so on our next trip, everyone will have something to enjoy!!
I’d love more Karen Kingsbury and Wanda Brunstetter books, as both authors give a lot to their fans. I’ve sent books to both of those authors, and they’ve willingly signed them, and sent them on to my friend or family member, for a special gift!! My only question….how will authors sign Kindle books??? 🙂

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