There’s Finally A Way To Organize Your Books On The Kindle Fire

by Greg on September 21, 2012

Kindle Fire 1st Generation: Book Collections are finally available for the Kindle Fire! Now you can organize the books stored on your Fire in folders you can create and customize. Books can also be opened directly from the app, though page locations must be manually recorded and implemented (more details on product page). The latest version also features book covers as well!

Kindle Fire HD: For organization only. Same ability to create folders, organize books, and view covers, but the Fire HD’s software restricts the book opening function.

Installation Instructions: Unlike books, app purchases must be manually downloaded on your Fire by going to the Apps tab, hitting sync, and then tapping the Book Collections icon to download and install.

For more assistance, contact the developers at

Book Collections is the app that every Kindle Fire owner has been waiting for!

Now you can organize your books into customizable folders that you can create and rename. You can also edit your book’s data and location to keep track of how much you’ve read. And you can access your books to read directly from the Book Collections app!

The latest version of Book Collections (v. adds a number of new features that make moving books and making folders faster and easier than ever! You can now move several books into multiple folders at once, have folders within folders, move folders, search for books, sort books by author or title, permanently remove books from the app, and more!

Book Collections is now also capable of displaying book covers in thumbnail form in your book lists and in a larger view in each book’s options menu! Use the menu option Retrieve Cover to scan for them all at once, or simply tap a book’s title in the list and the cover will appear along with the menu. Keep in mind that the ebook must have an embedded cover image in order for it to be displayed, and some DRM enabled books prevent the cover from being accessed. Depending on the size of your library, scanning for covers can take some time if you have thousands and thousands of books, but it’s possible to cancel scanning and pick up where you left off later.

On the original Kindle Fire, the app can open books directly, but keep in mind that the Kindle Fire’s e-reader is unable to remember your location when accessed from third-party apps. Use the BACK arrow button when finished to return to our app and quickly record your location number so you can get return to where you were next time. Also note that books with DRM prevent the app from automatically displaying title and author information.

Now your entire library can be sorted just the way you want it!

You can pick up your copy of Book Collections here: Book Collections


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1 Tracy Atkinson September 22, 2012 at 1:28 pm

Thank you so much i have missed this with my original kindle i like to keep books by genre and now i can do that again because of this now.

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