The Kindle DX

The Kindle DX is the latest version of the popular Kindle ebook reader from Amazon. It has many similarities to the previous Kindle but has some very important differences.

Kindle DX User Reviews

Probably the most obvious different is the size of the screen. The DX has a 9.7 inch screen which is quite a bit larger than the 6 inch Kindle 2 screen. This makes reading newspapers and textbooks much easier. It also makes browsing on the web easier although the Kindle is still not the greatest device to surf the web with (it’s still in “experimental” mode). The screen has 1200 X 824 pixels which makes the resolution slightly less than that of the Kindle 2 but it is much higher than most notebook displays.

If you’re buying a Kindle mainly for reading paperback type books it would probably be better to stick with the Kindle 2 which is about the same size as a regular paperback book. The smaller size of the K2 also makes it easier to carry around if you like to go different places to do your reading.

Another big difference on the Kindle DX is that the screen rotates. You can now view documents, newspapers, books, etc. in landscape mode which has been a feature that the Sony reader has had for quite a while now.

The DX also offers native PDF support. This means that you can put your PDF reports right on the Kindle DX and view them immediately. This was one of the most anticipated new features for the latest Kindle. While you could read PDF’s on the Kindle 2 you had to convert them first before being able to view them on your Kindle. It is not hard to convert the files but if you read a lot of PDF’s it could get time consuming after a while.


These are great new features but we’re still waiting for a few more to come out on the next version of the Kindle in particular some kind of folder system to help better organize your books. A couple other nice features to have would be touch screen and a color screen. For now though the Kindle DX does a good job at what it’s supposed to do and a majority of the reviews have been good.

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