Refurbished Kindles For $219

by Greg on September 23, 2009

If you haven’t bought a Kindle 2 yet but are in the market for one, you can now get one for $219– not too bad since they originally sold for $359. The Kindles that you can buy for this price are refurbished Kindles and the shipping is free. The regular price for a brand new Kindle is still $299 so if you want to save $80 and don’t mind having a refurbished Kindle this seems to be a pretty good deal.

The refurbished Kindles come factory sealed and are eligible for Amazon customer service and 30 day return policy. Check out the refurbished Kindles here: Refurbished Kindles – $219

As of the time of this post there was only one refurbished Kindle available but I’ve seen that number go up and down so keep checking back if they are currently sold out.

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