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by Greg on October 6, 2008

Many people that own a Kindleare not only book lovers but also writers. Most people don’t know that they can also publish their book on Kindle for others to download and read. If you’re interested in publishing your book to Kindle and need to know what to do, here’s a link that will show you just about all you will need to do to get your book published (you have to go down the page a little bit to find the instructions): Publish To Kindle

So, if you’re interested in publishing your book or if you just want to search for new, unknown authors, give this link a try – you’ll probably find something you like. As of the day of this writing, there are over 5,000 posts from authors promoting their books or giving info about how to publish your own book.

There is a guide you can get from Amazon for $8.96 called Complete Step By Step Guide To Publishing On Kindlethat should really help you out if you want to publish a book for Kindle. Here are the reviewsfor this guide.

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