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by Greg on February 11, 2010

Amazon has announced that best selling author Gavin De Becker has made some of his books exclusive to the Amazon Kindle Store. The new Kindle exclusive books are The Gift Of Fearavailable for $7.99 and Just 2 Secondswhich is available for $25. Both are very highly rated.

From the Amazon news release:

“The nationally bestselling ‘The Gift of Fear’ is a perennial bestseller in its category, and de Becker’s books have resonated throughout the years with our customers,” said Russ Grandinetti, Vice President, Kindle Content. “We’re excited to work with Mr. de Becker in sharing these exclusive electronic versions of his books, now available in the Kindle Store for wireless download in less than 60 seconds.”

Here’s a little background on Gavin de Becker. He has been on many television show’s including Larry King and Oprah on numerous occasions. He founded a company that provides protective services and consultations to some of the world’s most prominent people. This includes people in politics and the media among others.

De Becker had this to say about his Kindle exclusive books:

“Over the years, there have been about 25 different editions of ‘The Gift of Fear,’ and I am very excited that Kindle can free my books from the bonds of paper and glue and warehousing and shipping,” said de Becker. “These special Kindle editions of my books can efficiently and instantly be available to readers around the world, and offer many benefits unavailable in conventional paper books. For example, while readers of the physical edition may or may not have had access to a nearby dictionary, Kindle readers can now see the definition of a word at the moment it’s encountered. Now readers can also easily search for any reference, name, passage, topic or even individual word throughout the entire text.”

After the news we’ve been hearing the last couple of weeks about publishers raising prices and not really adapting to ebooks, it’s nice to see that some authors out there are embracing the technology that is available with ebooks. Let’s hope that more authors – and publishers – start seeing the positive aspects of ebooks too.

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1 sw February 14, 2010 at 12:42 pm

And for anyone who hasn’t read it – this really is a terrific book, very insightful in telling why fear itself can be a good thing; we just need to know when to listen to it and react. I read it several years ago, and think I’ll be putting this on the Kindle really soon. Thanks for letting us know!

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