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by Greg on September 11, 2016

Here is a selection of 4 bargain books and 2 free books for your reading pleasure.

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Murder Mezzo Forte
by Donn Taylor
Rating: 4.2 Stars
Genre: Mystery
Price: $0.99
Make sure price is still $1.99 before clicking “Buy”.

“…I savored every moment of the carefully crafted writing and devoured every word…” -Susan S.

He is a reclusive history professor with musical hallucinations, she a headstrong professor of religion, a converted Wiccan. Earlier, they solved a campus murder, but now police say they formed two-thirds of an illicit love triangle with a newly-murdered female colleague and they’re probably guilty of her murder. A leak of the alleged scandal to the college administration threatens their jobs. Their desperate attempt to prove themselves innocent of the triangle and the murder plunges them into a tangle of unsavory corporate relationships among college trustees. And it puts their lives in danger from a mysterious criminal organization that seems to have tentacles everywhere.

Can this ill-matched pair’s stumbling efforts succeed against the entrenched forces of the police, the college’s incompetent administration, and that powerful but unseen criminal organization? If not, they may end up unemployed, in prison, or suffering a fate much worse…


The Billionaire’s Revenge
by Julie Farrell
Rating: 4.7 Stars
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Price: $0.99 Save $3.00
Make sure price is still $0.99 before clicking “Buy”.

“….a red-hot and graphic love story that’s realistic, intelligent and packed with tension, intrigue and humor…a book that definitely puts the roll into rock’n’roll!” -Steve C.

Billionaire rock god Joseph Quinlan has a hot body, talented fingers, and thousands of adoring fans… but not the woman he wants.

After spending one intimate and memorable night with the beautiful and witty journalist Eleanor Davison, Joseph realizes he may have said too much — way too much. Now he needs to keep Eleanor close to find out whether she plans to betray him to the press, revealing his family’s darkest, most scandalous secrets.

With steamy scenes, high passion, and hot performances throughout, let The Billionaire’s Revenge take you where the music rocks hard – all night long.


Carson’s Revenge
by Philip McCormac
Rating: 4.6 Stars
Genre: Action and Adventure
Price: $0.99 Save $3.00
Make sure price is still $0.99 before clicking “Buy”.

“Philip McCormac writes in the best tradition of Zane Grey and Jack Shaefer.” -Richard Foreman, author

Award-Winning Author

When the Mexican bandit General Rodriguez hangs Carson’s grandfather, the young man is determined to get his revenge.

To help him to that end he joins the Texas Rangers.

Their paths cross again when Carson is escorting a young Mexican heiress, Henrietta Xavier, to her home and Rodriguez kidnaps her.

Rescuing the young heiress from the general’s clutches the ranger flees with Rodriguez hot in pursuit.

Thrown on their own resources, the youngsters make a desperate run for the border and safety.

Only Carson’s great strength and courage can save them.

What chance does one young man have against a brutal gang of outlaws?

Can Carson get the better of the general?

Or will his desire for vengeance become his downfall?


Fixed- Dope Sacks, Dye Packs, and the Long Welcome Back
by Doug Piotter
Rating: 4.9 Stars
Genre: Memoirs and Biographies
Price: $0.99 Save $7.00
Make sure price is still $0.99 before clicking “Buy”.

“A smart, occasionally wise, and always entertaining recollection of addiction, crime, punishment, and recovery.” -Kirkus Reviews

Award-Winning Author

Fixed is a darkly comedic memoir that spans my unsupervised youth, drug and alcohol addiction, bank robbery, life in prison and ultimately my release and re-entry into my life’s new and sober orbit.

I grew up with alcoholic parents trapped inside their own lonely skins, a painful childhood full of cold shoulders and broken furniture. I burst onto the drug scene at age eleven and thrived before slowly finding out that it wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. With addiction taking over and dictating my every move, I tried to make sense of it all while gathering five unwanted felonies along the way.

At thirty-three, after a long string of bank robberies and my bad guy impersonation had run its course, I was brought back to life with the gift of prison and given the opportunity to experience a new childhood that I could have only imagined while growing up in Manville. Upon release, I learned that the universe is a kind and forgiving place, often strange and funny with plenty for everyone as long as I don’t forget where I came from.



Please make sure the price says “Kindle Price $0.00″ before clicking “Buy”. If it says “Prime Members $0.00″ “read for free”, it is NO LONGER FREE. All books are free at the time they are posted but are subject to change back to full price at any time. If you are outside of the United States, these books may not be free.

Just Kin
by Caryl McAdoo
Rating: 4.3 Stars
Genre: Christian Fiction
Price: $0.00 Save $14.99
Subject to change back to full price at any time.

#1 Amazon Bestselling and Award-Winning Author

Love covers a multitude of sin.

A stolen kiss ignites a fire that burns all the way from Texas to New York City. Torn apart by war, rejection, and a letter with news she never wanted, Lacey Rose takes her shredded heart and runs. Charley figures out something isn’t right, but is duty-bound to the Confederacy until a deathbed order sets in motion a series of events that tests his love, honor, and commitment to the breaking point.

Can the two lifelong friends see past the pain to finally realize God’s plan for them to be more than just kin?


On the Edge of the Loch
by Joseph Éamon Cummins
Rating: 4.7 Stars
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Price: $0.00 Save $15.95
Subject to change back to full price at any time.

Award-Winning Author

In Arizona, no one came to meet Irishman Tony MacNeill that day. After nine years locked up that’s how he wanted it. All he needed was a life. Not the one that had been taken from him. Not the youthful one either. But the life he might have lived, to be who he was once meant to become. At fourteen he had lost that, his boyhood, and Ireland.

Now 27, to stay alive he’d held his own through a thousand rounds of trouble. But he was shedding the weight of injustice, barely, and managing.

Then Lenny Quin appears, out of the blue. To him she’s an apparition that belongs to fantasy. Too much hopelessness and destruction had marred the years since he watched ‘home’ fade into vapor. Now, by irony, in this tiny seafaring village in western Ireland, the unlikeliest resurrection looms.

In all his darkness, a woman like Lenny Quin was undreamable; the love-inspired hope she promises forges in him an oath no one or no power will defeat.

Not that he desires trouble. But even here, in search of nothing but spirit, the warning signs were clear from their first meeting, even as their fires fused intimately. Soon, spine-chilling events erupt and force them apart. Secrets and silence fog what’s true. And old wounds and new dreams collide.

Is the past a forever prison for each of them?

Is fate too powerful a foe? Against all that divides them, and for all they together might be, Tony MacNeill will once again become unstoppable.


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