More Bargain and Free Books for 10-23-14

by Greg on October 23, 2014

Indulge in a good book from this set of 3 bargain books and 2 free books.

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Ashes, Ashes, They All Fall Dead
by Lena Diaz
Rating: 4.7 Stars
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Price: $0.99 Save $2.00
Make sure price is still $0.99 before clicking “Buy”.

Ashes, Ashes, They All Fall Dead – Nook
Ashes, Ashes, They All Fall Dead – Apple iBooks
Ashes, Ashes, They All Fall Dead – Google Play
Ashes, Ashes, They All Fall Dead – Kobo

“….a riveting romantic suspense that will have fans of the genre eagerly awaiting the sequel.” -NYT Bestselling author Wendy Corsi Staub

Award-Winning Author

This nursery rhyme will keep you awake. What she doesn’t remember …

One by one the letters arrive at the FBI office in Savannah, Georgia. Inside, each bears a name–a victim of a twisted crime–and the singsong phrase Ashes, ashes, they all fall dead.

Special Agent Tessa James becomes obsessed with finding the killer whose victims are crying out to her for justice.

Will kill her …

When sexy, brilliant consultant Matt Buchanan is paired with Tessa to discover who’s sending the “Ashes” letters, he discovers a serial arsonist who is leaving nothing but murder in his wake.

Inexplicably, the clues point to Tessa herself, forcing her to realize that if she can’t remember the forgotten years of her past, the name on the next letter will be hers.


But the Angels Never Came
by Eric James-Olson
Rating: 4.7 Stars
Genre: Literary Fiction
Price: $0.99 Save $3.00
Make sure price is still $0.99 before clicking “Buy”.

“Thought-provoking, rich in characters, and containing moments of genuine horror and suspense….” -GOODREADS

When the world ended Abraham was a young successful lawyer with a wife and child. He was no different than anyone else.

That all changed suddenly when the old nation was taken over by a hostile foreign power, and Abraham was forced to make the most important choice of his life.

Stay and be subject to the arbitrary whims of the invaders, or abandon his home for the unlikely prospect of freedom.


The Eighth Day
by Donovan Gray
Rating: 4.7 Stars
Genre: Science Fiction
Price: $0.99
Make sure price is still $0.99 before clicking “Buy”.

“This book is amazing. I could not put it down until the last page.” -Izhar A.

Tonight the world ends. Billions will die, and I am the cause of it all.

Every living thing, every human, will cry to the heavens… helpless… hopeless… doomed, and I am the cause of it all, to know why, you have to go back to another, simpler time.

I was a boy. I remember my father, my mother and my sister…helplessly hanging from the eaves of the porch of our ranch. And I remember the Preacher, Jacob, slipping the noose around my neck.

He was searching for a woman, the last of her kind. He’d been hunting her for longer than he could remember and her death would end a war that had raged for thousands of years.

It was supposed to be the final battle, but she was clever, unpredictable and again she had eluded him.

Instead of finding her, he found us. He found me, and even though he didn’t realise it at the time, I had made it a whole new war; one that would rage for centuries, unseen, unknown, until tonight.

My name is Gabriel Armstrong and I am immortal.



Please make sure the price says “Kindle Price $0.00″ before clicking “Buy”. If it says “Prime Members $0.00″ “read for free”, it is NO LONGER FREE. All books are free at the time they are posted but are subject to change back to full price at any time. If you are outside of the United States, these books may not be free.

Holding You
by Jewel E. Ann
Rating: 4.8 Stars
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Price: $0.00 Save $14.99
Subject to change back to full price at any time.

Deep breath … I am peaceful, I am strong.

Free-spirited Addy Brecken is Milwaukee’s most talented vegan chef and co-owner of Sage Leaf Café. She has a genius IQ, a padded savings account, an amazing view of Lake Michigan, and a heart that won’t stop beating.

Deep breath… I am peaceful, I am strong.

An early April morning finds her drowning in the seductive fragrance of lilacs and the warmth of the morning sun when she’s nearly hit by a car in front of her café.

The peaceful existence she’s desperately tried to maintain after the horrific loss of her family is suddenly shaken by the Range Rover driving, arrogant, sex-on-legs Quinn Cohen.

Deep breath … I am peaceful, I am strong.

A successful, Latino businessman from New York, Quinn has a taste for the finer things in life. A typical playboy, he has the money, the houses, the cars, and the women.

Quinn is everything Addy avoids. Where she lives simply and prefers to help the less fortunate, he has no problem spending an obscene amount of money on a briefcase.

Their opposite personalities lend to several heated encounters, and Addy finds herself propositioning Quinn for the one thing she never imagined needing… sex.

Offering only her body, Addy tries to keep Quinn at a safe distance from her heart and a world away from her past. Their passion-filled connection makes Addy feel something unfamiliar, alive.

But with passion comes more feelings: anger, jealousy, love. When Addy surrenders to the unimaginable and lets go of her past, she’s faced with the impossible… holding on to her future.

Deep breath… I am peaceful, I am strong.


Hello Darkness
by Sam Best
Rating: 4.4 Stars
Genre: Horror
Price: $0.00 Save $11.99
Subject to change back to full price at any time.

After the death of his wife, Ben Howard returns to his childhood home in the small town of Falling Rock.

Along with his four-year-old daughter, he hopes to make a new life for his family, free from the painful memories that still haunt them both.

But old memories die hard. Visions of Ben’s deceased wife follow him to Falling Rock—and that’s just the beginning. Something is hunting his daughter from the shadows, watching and waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

As his world collapses around him, Ben must join with the few who remain to destroy a malevolent force that will not stop until it consumes every last human soul.


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