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by Greg on January 25, 2011

Now And ThenHere are some more 4 star and better Kindle books for only 99 cents or less. Some of these are on sale for as much as 94% off (Where There’s A Will) so if you want them make sure you get them while they’re on sale. Also, make sure that the price is $0.99 (or less) when you go to check out.

These 99 cent books fall under the categories of literature and fiction, suspense, legal, romantic suspense, contemporary romance, multicultural, and many more. Hope you find some here that you like. I’ll get more out to you shortly.

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4.1 Stars        4.3 Stars

4.0 Stars        4.6 Stars

4.7 Stars        4.4 Stars

4.1 Stars        4.1 Stars

4.4 Stars        4.2 Stars


A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens 4.1 Stars

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll 4.3 Stars

Alone by Lisa Gardner 4.0 Stars

Brittle Shadows by Vicki Tyley 4.6 Stars

Lethal Experiment (A Donovan Creed Novel) by John Locke 4.7 Stars

Now & Then (a Donovan Creed Novel) by John Locke 4.4 Stars

Chasing Hunter by Cort Malone 4.1 Stars

Not What She Seems by Victorine E. Lieske 4.1 Stars

Where There’s a Will by Katriena Knights 4.4 Stars

Star of His Heart by Brenda Jackson 4.2 Stars

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