Kindle Software Update Version 2.5

by Greg on June 9, 2010

Amazon’s software update 2.5 is still being delayed by a few weeks. It was supposed to come out by the end of May but they wanted to make some small adjustments based on user feedback. Some users actually already received the update a few weeks back but the rest of us will have to wait a while.

This update covers some pretty big topics, most notably folders – Amazon calls it “Collections”. This has been the biggest improvement that most of the readers of ENT have been looking for, including myself, so I’m looking forward to finally being able to categorize my Kindle books.

Other features of this update include social networking, password protection and being able to pan and zoom in PDF files.

To get a sneak peek at what the new features look like here’s some screen shots from someone that already received the update: Kindle 2.5 Software Update

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