Kindle Reviews

You can find reviewsof the Kindle all over the net – most good and some bad. Lets be honest here, most of the review sites on the net nowadays just give good reviews because they’re trying to sell a product and make some money so it’s kind of hard to trust what you read. In my opinion, the best place to look for Kindle reviews is right at Amazon where people who have actually purchased the Kindle give their honest reviews. I say that these are honest because they have nothing to gain if they give a good review, plus there are some negative reviews also.

If you want to know what I think of the Kindle I can give you my review in three short words: “I Love It”. I guess that’s why I made an entire site dedicated to just the Kindle.

But, if you want to see what others, that have already bought a Kindle, are saying about the Kindlecheck out these reviews: Kindle Reviews

As of the date of this post there are over 4000 reviews for the kindle over at Some of the reviews are positive and some negative but if you’re thinking about getting a Kindlethese reviews should help you out.
1/16/09 Update:

As of today there are now 7,482 reviews at Amazon. 
Here is the breakdown:

5 star – 4,470
4 star – 1,642
3 star – 525
2 star – 309
1 star – 536

From what I’ve read on different forums and blogs, most people love their Kindles and there’s also a few out there that don’t but if you’re a bookworm like me, I’m sure you’ll love your Kindle too. The Kindle is kind of pricey but over the long run it should pay for itself with all of the free books that are available to download from the net.

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