Kindle DX International Possibly Launching In 2010

by Greg on October 28, 2009

While sales of the International Kindle 2 have been going quite well for Amazon, many readers outsite the U.S. have been asking when the Kindle DX will be available internationally. There may be some good news for those that are looking for the large screen Kindle.

I was reading a post over at by James Holland the other day and he mentioned that an Amazon spokesman told them “we expect to add a Kindle DX family member with international roaming sometime next year.” So it looks like there’s a good chance that sometime soon the Kindle DX will be available internationally. The only question is “how soon?”.

Holland also made another good point about the phrase “Kindle DX family member”. Does this mean that it will be the same Kindle DX that is available in the U.S. or is there a whole new Kindle DX device in the works? We shall find out.

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