Kindle DX Cover

by Greg on June 20, 2009

There are plenty of covers available already for the newly introduced Kindle DX and most of them are very nice. I chose to get the Amazon Kindle DX Leather Cover (same as I bought for the Kindle 2).

I like the fact that it latches right to the Kindle DX so there’s almost zero chance that it will come apart. I also liked that way that my Kindle 2 cover felt in my hands and this cover feels basically the same way. The leather is not the greatest looking quality of leather that I’ve ever seen but I’m still very happy with the Amazon Cover.

There are a lot of other great covers available such as the M-Edge Covers and the Neoprene Covers so even if you’re not a fan of the Amazon cover there’s plenty more styles and colors to choose from.

For a complete list of all Kindle DX covers check this out: Kindle DX Covers

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