Kindle Book Lending Is Now Available

by Greg on December 30, 2010

Amazon just released a big announcement today. You can now lend Kindle books to each other. This is something that Kindle owners have been asking for, for a long time and Amazon has finally made it available.

Not all books are eligible for lending – that is determined by the publisher or rights holder. The books that are eligible can be loaned out one time for a period of 14 days. The person lending the book will not be able to read it during the time that it is loaned out.

The borrower of the Kindle book does not have to own a Kindle. You can use the free Kindle apps to borrow books.

For complete details on lending Kindle books go here: Lend Kindle Books
There’s info there about how to find which books are lendable, how to loan a Kindle book, receiving a Kindle book loan, and FAQs.

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