Kindle 2 Short Cuts

This list will continue to grow as I find more short cuts so keep checking back in to see the updated list.

Any Mode
Alt G – Refresh your screen.
Alt Shift G – Takes a screenshot of your Kindle that you can download to your computer.
Alt Home – Go to the Kindle Store

Home Screen
Menu – To check time and how much memory is left on your Kindle 2
Alt Shift M – Play minesweeper.

Alt B – To bookmark the page you are on. Can also be used to remove a bookmark.
Alt Shift then press any number 1 – 9 to change the line spacing on the book you’re reading.
Shift SYM – Starts and stops Text-to-Speech feature.

Picture Mode
Just press the letters below (no alt or shift needed) while in picture viewing mode.
Q: Zoom in
W: Zoom out
E: Reset zoom
C: View picture in full resolution

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1 Kim January 27, 2011 at 8:39 pm

If you take a screen shot where does the picture end up on your Kindle so you can move it to your computer? I thought I took one but it’s not showing up on my Kindle at all.

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