Kindle 1 Short Cuts

Alt T – show time
Alt Shift M – to play minesweeper
Number Keys – these will take you to the numer of the page you type in
Alt Z – rescan picture directories

Alt Shift G – this makes a screenshot of the page you’re on. These images can only be store on an SD card (on Kindle 1)
Alt Shift .(type in a period) – this restarts the Graphical User Interface – GUI
Home – returns to the home menu
Alt Shift R – reboots your Kindle

Alt 0 – enables/disables slideshow
Alt 1 – this will start a slideshow if enabled
Alt 2 – stop slideshow
Alt B – toggle bookmark
Alt T – this will spell out the time
Alt page forward/backward – this goes to the next section (20 pages) of book – forward or backward

Alt 1 – shows your current location in Google Maps
Alt 2 – finds nearest gas station
Alt 3 – finds restaurants in your area

Audio Player
Alt F – goes to the next song
Alt P – play/stop

Search Commands – you enter these commands into the search box followed by keywords

Thanks to Igor at Reversing Everything for this list.

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