Invisible Shield For Your Kindle

by Greg on February 17, 2009

2/19/09 Update – I felt that I needed to update this post after reading some reviews on Amazon for it. Apparently, the scratch resistant part of the Invisible Shield works great but there is a problem with glare once it’s installed. So while this may be a great product to protect your electronic devices from getting scratched, maybe it’s not so great as a screen protector for your Kindle due to the problems with the glare. You can read the reviews here: Invisible Shield Review

I found some other screen protectors at Amazon that had some good customer reviews that you may be interested in. Here they are:


While surfing around on the net, I found this cool product to use for the Kindle. Actually, you can use it on many other things like Ipods, cell phones, laptops, watches, etc. It can be used for anything that you want to protect from getting scratched. It’s called the Invisible Shield. You can use it for the full body of the Kindle ($24.95) or just the Kindle screen ($17.95).  Right now it’s only available for the Kindle 1 but when it comes out for the Kindle 2 I’m definitely going to get one. If you want to check it out go here: Invisible Shield For The Kindle

The shield is made using the same material that the military uses to protect helicopter blades which is what makes it so strong. They also offer a lifetime warranty – if it ever wears or scratches they will replace it for free. Also, if you ever want to remove the shield, it comes off easily and doesn’t leave any sticky stuff on your Kindle.

The thing that really sold me on the Invisible Shield was this video:

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