Instapapers Kindle Feature Improved

by Greg on January 22, 2010

Instapaper has improved their Kindle periodical formatting. If you’re not familiar with Instapaper, it is a program that lets you mark articles that you might not want to read right now and lets you read them later on your Kindle.

This update changes the formatting to make the articles look more like they were made for the Kindle. From Instapaper’s blog: “Instapaper’s Kindle files are now formatted like Kindle magazines and newspapers.” In other words, you can now go through your saved articles more easily using your Kindle’s buttons and joystick.

Here’s how to use Instapaper on your Kindle (also from the Instapaper blog):

* Tapping left or right on the stick (between Menu and Back on the Kindle 2) quickly switches to the previous or next articles, respectively. No more moving the cursor through the page for navigation links.
* Tapping the center of the stick shows the Sections List, and selecting the number (under “view articles”) shows a convenient table of contents with quick up/down navigation and the first few words of each article.
* Only the most recent Instapaper file is shown on the Kindle’s home screen. Old Instapaper files are automatically moved to the “Periodicals: Back Issues” folder. So if you don’t read your Instapaper articles all week, and you use daily delivery, you won’t clutter up your home screen with a huge stack of Instapaper issues.

Another nice upgrade is that there is now a full table of contents for all of the articles that you have saved to read in the “View Sections List” and only the most recent articles are shown on your screen so that it doesn’t get too cluttered.

For more info about Instapaper, here’s their blog: Instapaper Blog

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