How To Lend Kindle Books

by Greg on April 13, 2011

How to: Lending Kindle Books

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Kindle and Amazon now offer users the ability to trade books for up to 14 days with other users. This feature was added after many common complaints that users could not treat eBooks like normal tangible books. But now Amazon has an answer to this complaint. Books can be traded on not only Kindle devices but other devices as long as you have the lending software that is available for platforms such as PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, as well as Android devices.

How to Find Books that are Lendable on the Kindle

Not all titles can be traded or lent to other users. Only books that are approved by the publisher or rights holder are able to be traded. In order to determine whether or not one of your books can be traded simply go to the product page and look at the “Product Details” portion of the page. Next find the “Lending: Enabled” portion under product details, if this says “enabled” you are able to lend this book to friends and family. To do this simply check your orders section and click on the, “Manage Your Kindle” link. Click on the “+” next to the link for the book which will give you more options. Then if lending is enabled simply click the “Loan This Book” button next to the image.

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Benefits of Lending Books on the Kindle

This new feature is nice for those of us who are social readers. Once your book is leant out, the original lender is unable to read the book during the 14 days of the loan, but you do receive a reminder 3 days before your loan expires. This allows the owner to know when they will be able to access their book again, and gives the recipient notice so they can finish the book before the lending period is over.

There are similar features available for the Nook as well as other platforms. However, Amazon’s addition was a welcomed feature for users such as me who are always trying to impose our reading preferences and views on others. You don’t have to worry about the person you lend to having to wade through all your notes and highlights. These are not available to the person the book is lent to. When you get the book back your notes and highlights return so you don’t have to worry about losing them.

For now this feature is not available internationally, and is only available to be initiated by those in the United States. However, if the book is available to an international user they are able to accept the loan, but again cannot initiate one. If the loan is not allowed, users will get notification and the book will be transferred back to the original owner after a short period.

Overall, the lending Kindle books feature is a great addition to a great device. This option allows you to trade your favorite books with friends and family in an easy to use, fast way. What books did you receive on trade that you really liked? Let us know in the comments below!

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