Guest Post: Shiloh Burnam, Plus 8 Free Kindle Books

by Greg on December 26, 2012

Today’s guest post is from Shiloh Burnam from Peak City Publishing. Today through December 30th, Peak City has 8 free books for your Kindle that you can download right here (numbers 2 & 9 are not free): Free books from Peak City Publishing


My whole life has changed since the introduction of the e-book. Wow, you must be exaggerating, you say. No, it is true. My whole life changed. Once an independent book store owner, I spent my time buying, selling, arranging and rearranging books. Over a relatively short period of time, I noticed a change in customer behavior – more browsers, less buyers. I learned customers were still reading, just not paperbacks. They were reading from their phones, Kindles and computers. They had access to millions of titles I would never be able to stock and sell in 2,500 square feet.

Rather than focus on what I was losing, I quickly turned my sights to publishing. Getting into the publishing business was a risk. I knew it would be hard to compete with traditional publishing houses, like Random House, Simon & Schuster, and others who lead the industry. They had big names, big marketing budgets and big influence over the entire system. I also knew I would be competing with “pay to play” publishers whose primary source of income came from the authors. Their focus was not on marketing to the general public; rather, they charge the author to publish the book, and the author has to make the sales to get a return. With these two choices in mind and my experience as a book seller, I chose another route: invest in the author and title, and work in partnership to drive the marketing. In the end, the book sales would determine which way was the right way.

We were small enough to take advantage of the “grassroots” approach to meeting customer needs on a bookseller level. With the help of technology to print and publish based on customer demand, word spread. Today, I have a thriving publishing business with a growing list of titles and a waiting list of authors to be published. Instead of being confined to a storefront in a quaint downtown area, now the whole world is my storefront.

Sites like E-Reader News Today make it easy to market and sell books to the world. The focus of the content is targeted at readers who have signed up to receive notifications on new, free and bargain books. This guest post on E-Reader News Today is like opening our drapes and allowing you to window shop our titles. Between December 26th and December 30th, Peak City Publishing is offering eight e-books, of varying reading levels and topics, for free. We want you to sample our books and share our stories with others. Here’s a peek at the titles we’re offering:

Free books from Peak City Publishing

Visit the Peak Pages for more information about Peak City Publishing, our books, authors and artists:

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1 hagar December 26, 2012 at 2:34 pm

I looked over the list, ranges from “kid” to “young adult”. I’ll write reviews as I finish them. Thaniks!

2 Nadine Huard December 26, 2012 at 1:40 pm

Thank you I love free books.

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