Guest Post: Michael Zarocostas, Author of PLUMMET

by Greg on August 21, 2012

Today, we have a guest post from Michael Zarocostas, author of PLUMMET which has an outstanding 4.9 star rating (25 reviews). If you like legal thrillers, make sure to check this one out!

I’ve always been an avid reader and liked to write, but never thought of myself as a “writer.” I took some fiction writing classes in college and began writing more, but I never let anyone else read my scribbling.

Then, when I decided to go to law school, I started dating an undergraduate girl who had an interest in literature. She was taking a fiction writing class and had an assignment to come up with a minimum five page short story. Of course, like most college kids, she waited until the night before and hadn’t written a word. I was tired of studying legal cases in the law school library and decided to “help” with her assignment. Let’s call it my first job as a ghost writer. The five pages that were written got an “A,” but more importantly they stuck in my mind.
I later moved to New York and started working for a firm there, and the atmosphere was fertile ground for drama. The short story from law school became the first chapter of PLUMMET, and then the crazy stories from big firm life provided material for the rest of the novel. I probably edited it and created a dozen iterations until I eventually submitted it to agents through the dreaded query/slush pile system. And then, one lucky day, I landed my first agent and then ultimately got repped by another fantastic literary agent, Penn Whaling, at the Ann Rittenberg Literary Agency.

When PLUMMET was published on Amazon, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. But, as of today, I’m very fortunate that it’s currently the #12 legal thriller, and, in large part, I have to thank ENT for helping me with the initial free promotion. It’s been a long road, but there are many good people out there who are passionate about good stories and who are very generous with their support for authors.

Michael Zarocostas

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