Guest Post: Barbara Silkstone, Author of Zo White and the Seven Morphs

by Greg on August 31, 2012

Today we have a guest post from one of ENT’s favorite authors, Barbara Silkstone. Ms. Silkstone has just released her latest book, Zo White and the Seven Morphs which already has a great 4.6 star rating and is only $3.99.


Morphs? Who, What, and Why?

Taking a beloved fairy tale and bringing it into modern times is a challenge. Everyone knows the original plot line. The villain is no secret. And in all probability there are tons of remakes of the tale. So how do I get from known to unknown to Happily Ever After and surprise my readers?

I knew from the beginning that Snow White would become Zo White, a Cirque-du-Soleil type aerialist. But the seven dwarfs? I spent two days pacing, mumbling, and rhyming. Surprisingly few words rhyme with dwarfs.

And then like Harry Potter’s white owl, the idea flew in on fantasy wings. Morphs! I raced to my computer and hit Google search. It was then I discovered this wild new international community of folks who are having a joyous time partying in colorful Morphsuits. I was stunned. US, UK, Germany, France, Italy! Morphs were taking over.

Located in Edinburgh, Scotland, Gregor Lawson, is one of the founding partners of Morphsuits. I contacted him. He was intrigued with the idea of Zo White and the Seven Morphs. Gregor shared Morphsuit artwork with my awesome graphic designer, Katerina Vamvasaki. I soon had a killer cover for both the ebook and paperback.

But how to balance a heroine and seven heroes in a plot that also included the Miami mob that couldn’t shoot straight, a python hunter, the redheaded Singing Lucys, and a corpse here and there? Each of the Seven Morphs had a different color and personality. It was like coordinating a spilled box of crayons. What color went where? And what shade should beat up what thug? It brought new meaning to the concept of colors clashing.

I hope you enjoy the humor, mystery, antics, and action in Zo White as much as Alice, Wendy, and the rest of my books. If you do, and can squeeze it into your life, please take the time to post a review. It would mean so much to Zo. She’s tough but has a soft heart.

My future plans include a second Morph adventure with new colors, and new characters. Also, a third book in the Wendy Darlin series. This time my reluctant Tomb Raider finds herself in Egypt, armed only with snark, and accompanied by her main squeeze, archaeologist Roger Jolley.

Thank you!
May the Morphs be with you!
Barbara Silkstone

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1 barbara silkstone August 31, 2012 at 11:18 am

Thank you so very much for the opportunity to chat about the Morphs. It’s been a fun adventure. I look forward to more Morphing.

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