Free Kindle Books – 5 Free Books For 5-18-11

by Greg on May 18, 2011

Here are 5 new free Kindle books for you this morning. Hope you find some good ones!

When you go to download free books make sure the price is $0.00 or they will NOT be free. This is why you need to download the free books asap – while they’re still free. If you are outside of the United States, these books may not be free.

The Book of Deacon
by Joseph Lallo
Rating: 5.0 Stars
Category: Epic Fantasy


Myranda is a young woman more interested in staying alive than being a hero. Orphaned by a continent-spanning war that has gone on for decades too long and shunned for failing to support it, she has been on the move since she was only a child. One can hardly blame her when she thinks that the chance discovery of a fallen soldier’s priceless cargo is the moment that will change her life. No one could predict just how great that change would be. It will lead her through an adventure of rebels and generals, of wizards and warriors, and of beasts both noble and monstrous. Each step of the way will take her closer to the truth of her potential, of the war, and of the fate of her world.

Get this Kindle book here: The Book of Deacon


The Line of Eyes
by Clayton Spann
Category: Sci-Fi/Action & Adventure
Save $6.25


In this science fiction novel the Civilization reigns supreme. Its men live long and prosper as specially bred females serve every need. Nothing can rival this magnificent society, and nothing can challenge it…except a long banished nightmare.

On Earth mankind dominates. On a distant planet God has split dominion between two species: Homo sapiens and Homo Lupus. Which one will prevail, the shrewd but degenerate or the noble but rash? May the best man win.

Get this Kindle book here: The Line of Eyes


Steven, Space Stowaway and Rolling Leprechauns for Change
by MJA Ware
Category: Short Story/Children’s Books


For a limited time, includes a second free short story.
That’s two great short stories for the price of one.

When Steven’s Mom leaves for a mission to Mars, he’s determined to come along. Even if he has to sneak onboard. Just one problem: he gets caught. And the Captain has a particularly unpleasant way of dealing with stowaways. Originally published June 2010 in Spaceports & Spidersilk.

Short on cash, Matt thinks his friendly neighborhood Leprechaun might be the answer. The Leprechaun might need a little persuading to part with his treasure. But just when Matt thinks he’s got the gold, he discovers there’s a hole in is plan–in the form of a curse.

Get this Kindle book here: Steven, Space Stowaway and Rolling Leprechauns for Change


Unlucky in Death
by Dan Dillard
Rating: 5.0 Stars
Category: Humor


Ok so I’m a vampire… as long as I don’t sparkle. But what if I don’t want to be a vampire? It’s a total inconvenience. I miss bacon and I faint at the sight of blood…So I roll to therapy to try and sort things out. Man, have I got issues…

This short story is part of the collection, “Demons and Other Inconveniences” also available on Kindle!

Get this Kindle book here: Unlucky in Death


A Righteous Wind
by Janice Daugharty
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Category: Mystery & Thrillers


Kim and Shelton are desparate to find their missing loved ones. Then gradually each comes to a secret but mutual understanding of the global mystery of the vanished millions. It is a secret that not only binds but separates them, until loneliness, danger and love force them to start over. They name their son Adam.

Get this Kindle book here: A Righteous Wind


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