Free Kindle Books – 4 Free Books For 5-24-11

by Greg on May 24, 2011

Here are four free Kindle books for you to enjoy on this Tuesday morning!

When you go to download free books make sure the price is $0.00 or they will NOT be free. This is why you need to download the free books asap – while they’re still free. If you are outside of the United States, these books may not be free.

This Book Is No Longer Free
by Alicia Dean
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Category: Romance
Save $6.99


A beautiful young witch must choose between maintaining the anonymity of her coven and trusting the detective who would bring a heartless serial killer to justice.

Get this Kindle book here: Heart of the Witch


The Prophet
by Brent Knowles
Rating: 4.0 Stars
Category: Science Fiction


This is a story about the early years of the post apocalyptic hero Wanderer and tells of his search for his missing wife. He has not yet found his battlesuit and his foes in this tale are his fellow humans, the ones, like him, who have survived the end of days.

Get this Kindle book here: The Prophet


Snapdragon Alley (Dragon City Trilogy)
by Tom Lichtenberg
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Category: Children’s Fiction
Save $8.95


Ten year old friends Alex and Sapphire discover something strange on the city bus map – a street that existed for only one year. As they set out to solve the mystery, they encounter the possibility of another world, another dimension perhaps, lurking in a vacant lot, but they are not the only ones on the trail. Who will discover the truth, and who will pay the price required by the witchcraft of positive thinking? (cover photo by Book One of the Dragon City Trilogy, followed by Freak City and Dragon Town.

Get this Kindle book here: Snapdragon Alley (Dragon City Trilogy)


Freak City (Dragon City Trilogy)
by Tom Lichtenberg
Rating: 3.0 Stars
Category: Literary Fiction/Ghosts
Save $8.95


It’s hard to control your destiny while you’re waiting for the bus. The trouble for Argus Kirkham began when a stranger pushed his way through a crowd at a bus stop and pressed a package into his hands. Inside the package were various random items – photos and toys and newspaper clippings. None of it seemed to make any sense, but as Argus and his friends unraveled the clues, very strange things began to occur in this novel of mystery and ghosts. Book Two of the Dragon City Trilogy, following Snapdragon Alley and followed by Dragon Town.

Get this Kindle book here: Freak City (Dragon City Trilogy)


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