Free Kindle Books – 3 More Free Books For 7-5-11

by Greg on July 5, 2011

Here are 3 more free Kindle books for today!

When you go to download free books make sure the price is $0.00 or they will NOT be free. This is why you need to download the free books asap – while they’re still free. If you are outside of the United States, these books may not be free.

Kiss at Your Own Risk
by Stephanie Rowe
Rating: 4.0 Stars
Category: Paranormal/Romance
Save $6.99


Trinity Harpswell is a cursed Black Widow-death and mayhem are all part of the job description. If she can manage to go just one more week without accidentally killing someone, she’ll break this killer curse and put her Black Widow days behind her. When sexy Blaine Underhill III shows up at her door and asks for her help rescuing his friend from the clutches of Death’s evil grandma, Trinity gets pulled into a daring high stakes adventure. As Blaine and Trinity join forces to take down a series of underworld assassins, they may just learn that love is the deadliest game of all.

Get this Kindle book here: Kiss at Your Own Risk


Antibiotic Resistance: Understanding and Responding to an Emerging Crisis
by David S. Perlin and Karl S. Drlica
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Category: Education/Communicable Diseases
Save $49.99


Once hailed as “magic bullets,” antibiotics are now used so widely that their success is threatening their effectiveness. The natural mutability of microbes is enabling pathogens to develop bulletproof shields that make antibiotic treatments useless. Meanwhile, it has become increasingly difficult to replace failing treatments with newer, more powerful antibiotics. If we fail to address resistance, we may lose control of infectious diseases, reverting back to the dangerous era before penicillin.

Fortunately, new ideas and principles have emerged for slowing the development of antibiotic resistance, both in individual patients and in the human population as a whole. Antibiotic Resistance introduces these crucial ideas to everyone who makes decisions about antibiotic use: doctors, medical providers, and healthcare administrators; public health professionals and government regulators; farmers and agricultural providers; and especially, individual patients.

Get this Kindle book here: Antibiotic Resistance: Understanding and Responding to an Emerging Crisis


Divorce Sucks
by Mary Jo Eustice
Rating: 2.8 Stars
Category: Health, Mind and Body
Save $19.95


Hock the platinum. Take down the vacation photos. Cancel the joint checking account. There’s no question . . . Divorce Sucks. And perhaps no one knows that better than author Mary Jo Eustace, whose ex-husband Dean McDermott married Tori Spelling a mere thirty days after their divorce was finalized. One part tell-all and one part guide to get readers on their feet after a bitter breakup, this hilarious addition to the bestselling Sucks series tells everything readers don’t want to know about divorce — from what a phone call with a lawyer will cost, to how to handle your newer, younger replacement, to what Hollywood divorcees are actually thinking when they watch their ex walk the red carpet with a millionairess. Sometimes horrifying, sometimes gratifying, and never merciful, Divorce Sucks will give readers an inside look at one of today’s most public divorces while reminding them—hey, it could always be worse.

Get this Kindle book here: Divorce Sucks


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