Free Kindle Books – 2 More Free Books For 6-16-11

by Greg on June 16, 2011

Here are a couple more free Kindle books for today!

When you go to download free books make sure the price is $0.00 or they will NOT be free. This is why you need to download the free books asap – while they’re still free. If you are outside of the United States, these books may not be free.

Living and Learning with New Media
by Ito, Horst, Bitanti, Boyd, Stephenson, Lange, Pascoe, and Robinson.
Rating: 4.0 Stars
Category: Computers & Technology
Save $14.00


This report summarizes the results of an ambitious three-year ethnographic study, funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, into how young people are living and learning with new media in varied settings — at home, in after school programs, and in online spaces. It offers a condensed version of a longer treatment provided in the book Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out (MIT Press, 2009). The authors present empirical data on new media in the lives of American youth in order to reflect upon the relationship between new media and learning. In one of the largest qualitative and ethnographic studies of American youth culture, the authors view the relationship of youth and new media not simply in terms of technology trends but situated within the broader structural conditions of childhood and the negotiations with adults that frame the experience of youth in the United States.

Get this Kindle book here: Living and Learning with New Media: Summary of Findings from the Digital Youth Project (John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Reports on Digital Media and Learning)


Ancient Rome in So Many Words
by Christopher Francese
Rating: 5.0 Stars
Category: World History/Rome
Save $12.95


The word histories in this book use language as a window into the culture of ancient Rome. The hidden stories behind common Latin words illustrate interesting aspects of Roman life, while more rare terms shed light on noteworthy facets of this ancient culture.

Avoiding traditional caricatures of the Romans as uniquely noble or depraved, this book uses the Latin vocabulary to figure out what mattered to the Romans themselves, and how they thought about it. Interweaving quotations, anecdotes, and analysis in a lighthearted and readable way, Francese holds the mirror of language up to the obsessions and blind spots of the Romans, and by extension to some of our own as well.

Get this Kindle book here: Ancient Rome in So Many Words


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