Free Kindle Books – 2 Free Books For 6-30-11

by Greg on June 30, 2011

Here are 2 more free Kindle books for today! Please enjoy, “Like” on Facebook, and share with your friends. Thanks!

When you go to download free books make sure the price is $0.00 or they will NOT be free. This is why you need to download the free books asap – while they’re still free. If you are outside of the United States, these books may not be free.

Soul Swap – Promises (Five Worlds)
by Carrie Olguin
Category: Romance, Fantasy
Save $0.99


From the Five Worlds Series, benefitting the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

On planet Del’noshe, Tenor vowed to be Telima’s Protector. The Tribal Chief refuses the match. Instead, he send Tenor to acquire new blood for the tribe. At the Warrior games, Tenor wins Annie. He decides to trade his Prize for Telima. On the trip home, Annie proves to be everything he would ever want or need in a woman. Can he chose between honoring his vow and his burning need for Annie?

On 21st century Earth, Annie’s life is in the toilet, no job, no boyfriend and no family. She makes a drunken wish, which the Universe grants, sending her to different planet – as the prize of an all-too-sexy warrior. Is the soul swap permanent? If she solves Tenor’s problem, will be sent home? Or if she wins Tenor’s heart, can she stay? The magical Anom Tribal Counsel has the answers, if she dares to seek their help.

Get this Kindle book here: Soul Swap – Promises (Five Worlds)


Virtual Strangers
by Ola Zaltin & Susanne O’Leary
Rating: 4.7 Stars
Category: Mystery & Thrillers
Save $0.99


Two complete strangers meet on a train and agree to off their significant others. Sounds familiar? It should be, it’s ‘Strangers on a Train’. 60 years later, two strangers meet online. A man and a woman – Seabee and Annika – hook up on a wannabe authors’ site where they flirt, banter and play around with the notion of dispatching their equally impossible partners. It’s all a big literary, intertextual joke, until the weekend when both their partners actually do die in what seems to be unrelated freak accidents – or are they? Seabee and Annika find out in a hurry that cyberspace makes strange bedfellows – and if it’s not he nor she who did it – then who has done the killings? The two team up to find out who has hijacked their fantasy and turned it into a bloody real-life. Contains strong language

Authors note: This is the novel where Susanne O’Leary stepped out of her comfort zone (chick-lit and womens contemporary) straight into Ola Zaltin’s (crime and post-modern). Like the hero and heroine, they met on a writer’s site. Together, they wrote a detective story that merged two writing styles and two ways of thinking into one highly unusual and (we hope) thrilling and enjoyable detective story with a romantic twist.

Get this Kindle book here: Virtual Strangers


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