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by Greg on March 29, 2011

Here’s a Kindle book that was free before and is now free again. Pray What God Says by Christine Martin. This book has a great 4.67 star rating! It is available for free from Smashwords with the code located next to the book below.

Here’s how to get books from Smashwords onto your Kindle

When you go to download free books make sure the price is $0.00 or they will NOT be free. This is why you need to download the free books asap – while they’re still free. If you are outside of the United States, these books may not be free.

Pray What God Says
Use code RE73P to get this book free.
by Christine Martin
Rating: 4.67 Stars
Category: Christianity
Save $5.99


“Pray What God Says” is a valuable resource that will help the believer gain a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer.

Learn how you can:
Develop unbroken communion and fellowship with God;
Experience the manifestation of blessing in every facet of life by declaring the scriptures over your circumstances;
Pray effectually for spiritual growth, family, health and finances for yourself and others;
Intercede to win souls and add to the body of Christ.

The intent of this guide, is to reintroduce just one of many keys to effective prayer. That is simply to Pray What God Says. Availing yourself to this prayer key can and will gain you access to a divine response. That response will yield a greater relationship with God the Father, through His Son Jesus Christ, with the enabling assistance of the Holy Spirit.
The cry of every man’s heart is for provision, protection, health and well-being. God has made a covenant–His Word–that guarantees that He is the one who can provide His joy, peace, protection, His provision, plan, solution and elevation to your life.

Get this Kindle book here: Pray What God Says



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