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by Greg on June 22, 2011

This free ebook is a little different than those that are usually included here at ENT. I wasn’t going to download it at first but then I decided to and I’m glad I did.

Get “Healthy Recipes” Here

The name of the book is Healthy Recipes by Dr. Joseph Mercola and it’s in PDF format. I downloaded this one to my computer and it has some very good recipes in it but the thing that I like the best are the emails (you can unsubscribe at any time) that I get email regarding food. These contain some very interesting info that I would not have known otherwise.

For example, today I read this article regarding seeds and organic food: Seeds and Organic Food
Here’s another one regarding fluoride in water: Fluoride in Water

There is plenty of other great info in the book and in the emails as well. I think this very good information to have and also kind of scary once you know it. There are also a lot of suggestions for things that you can do to eat healthier too (while still eating great tasting food).

Here’s the link to the book in case you’re interested: Healthy Recipes

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