Discover Kindle Book Lending at – Plus a Chance to Win a Free Kindle 3G

by Greg on May 12, 2011

Have you heard about Kindle lending? Late in December of last year, Amazon rolled out a new feature, Kindle lending, that gives Kindle book owners a way to lend their books, person-to-person — all you need is the borrower’s email address.

Within a few short days of the start of Kindle lending, hundreds of people were using a Facebook community, and then a custom-programmed website platform,, to arrange to lend and borrow Kindle books with one another. now has over 23,000 registered members who lend each other 100s of books every day. The site is entirely free to join and use.

You can browse categories including Bestselling, Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, and many more. If you choose from the “Read It Today” section, you’ll be reading your first borrowed book within hours..

Although Amazon has set some pretty tough restrictions on Kindle lending — you can only lend each of your books once, ever, and many Kindle books have not yet had lending enabled by their publishers — borrowing is still another terrific way to save money on your Kindle reading. Check it out!

And don’t miss the Kindle 3G Sweepstakes. Between now and May 19, is holding a sweepstakes over on their Facebook page. To enter just CLICK HERE, “Like” the page, fill in your info and then Share the page with your friends. Good luck!

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