August 8, 2018

Simply Led

Author: Yvette Conatser
Amazon Rating: 5.0
Genre: Religious/Non-Fiction
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How I learned to hear God’s Voice and how He leads me.

My life has been punctuated with evidence of a very real God. Some instances I would call miraculous. Being ignorant of anything but salvation, I bumbled through the darkness. I wasn’t sure about what God was doing or what He was saying. I believed I was the only sheep who couldn’t hear His voice.

Then something shifted. Truth changed my view of the Holy Spirit. He challenged all I had been taught about the ways of God. The Lord directly and through others overthrew my religious beliefs. When I believed I could already hear and that I am already being led, I began to notice God’s involvement in my life. Most of all, I began to hear.

This book outlines some interesting moves of the Spirit in my personal life. I describe how I learned to recognize God’s voice and how His Spirit leads me. You’ll see my mistakes and my victories, and hopefully you’ll see God’s desire to have conversations with all of us, right in our own hearts.

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