August 9, 2018

Bataan Uncensored

Author: Col. E. B. Miller
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After three months in a last-ditch defense of Bataan over sixty thousand American and Filipino soldiers were captured.

What happened next would scar survivors for the rest of their lives.

On 9th April 1942, the prisoners were rounded up and forced to begin marching. This was the beginning of the infamous Bataan Death March.

They were subject to cruel beatings and torture, were not provided with adequate food or water, and were forced to witness summary executions along the dreadful march that went on for over sixty miles. Those who survived with deep physical and psychological trauma.

Yet, Colonel E. B. Miller refused to allow the lives his fallen comrades to be forgotten.

So, even though he risked his own life, he kept notes of what happened. Humiliated by defeat, he obtained affidavits from men who were there, smuggled his history-in-the-making past Jap sentries, hid the notes in Jap prison camps, remembered and recovered them when victory came.

Bataan Uncensored is the result of these remarkable notes that he made through the course of the war.

It is the memoir not of a professional soldier, but instead of a citizen soldier, who as a member of the National Guard, was a commander of the 194th Tank Battalion.

This book begins with how Miller, as a veteran from Mexican Border Campaign and World War One, came to be involved in the Second World War along with his fellow citizen-soldiers of the National Guard.

It then covers the withdrawals into Bataan and how they became an integral part in that heroic siege against the overpowering Japanese hordes.

But the book becomes especially vivid when Miller goes on to describe how he and his men gasped for strength on the Death March, how they elbowed death away in the confines of the hell ships, and how their sense of defeat fought with their American pride through the starvation and abuse of Jap prison camps.

This book is essential reading for anyone interested in this tragic moment in American history and for anyone who wishes to discover how these remarkable men managed to survive and overcome the seemingly insurmountable odds that faced them.

Colonel E. B. Miller had served in the Mexican Border Campaign and the First World War prior to becoming a commanding officer of the 194th Tank Battalion. He was held at Camp O’Donnell and Cabanatuan POW Camps in the Philippines before being sent to Japan. In Japan, he was held at Tanagawa, Zentsuji, and Rokuroshi POW Camps. He was liberated in September 1945. His book Bataan Uncensored was first published in 1949 and he passed away in 1959.

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