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by Greg on July 17, 2012

Today’s Book of the Day is a highly rated Historical Highland Romance by bestselling and award-winning author, Terry Spear. Winning The Highlander’s Heart has an impressive 4.3 star rating and is $6.99!

“Terry Spear has crafted a masterpiece in Winning the Highlander’s Heart. Fans of Scottish medieval romance will delight in this page-turner which sweeps the reader back to England and Scotland during the reign of King Henry I. I highly recommend this book, brimming in lush historical details, set in vivid locations, and peopled with true-to-life, lovable characters.” NV – Amazon Reviewer

Winning The Highlander’s Heart
by Terry Spear
Rating: 4.3 Stars
Category: Historical Highland Romance
Price: $6.99


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Determined to avoid King Henry I’s randy advances, Lady Anice of Brecken attempts escape, wishing to find a Highlander to escort her home to her castle in Glen Affric where she will rule until she can find a laird worthy of her hand. Laird Malcolm MacNeill desires an English bride to improve his standing with those in power. But rescuing the Scottish lass from an escape attempt casts him into deadly political intrigue when the king sends Malcolm and his brothers to escort the lady home and investigate the disappearance of some of her staff. Now he must protect the king’s ward without losing his heart to the willful lass, or he could very well earn His Majesty’s wrath…and lose far more.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

WINNING THE HIGHLANDER is a delightful story right from the very first page. I was easily able to envision Anice in all her stubborn glory as she avoids the king’s advances, refuses to allow Malcolm to dictate what she should do, and insists on returning to Scotland in order to help determine what foul play has befallen her people. This story is fast paced, full of witty dialogue, and interesting characters that will keep readers entertained for hours. If you like historical stories about those braw Highlander men, you’ll love this book.


Once I started reading this book, it was hard to put down. I fell in love with the sexy hero and the verbal sparring between him and Anice was delightful. The danger and suspense woven into the story kept me turning the pages to find out what was happening and how it would turn out. What more could I ask for in a book?


Ms. Spear has written an excellent book that weaves history, romance and adventure in a truly engaging style. Anice and Malcolm will draw you into their world and hold you captive until the very end. I hated to come to the end of their story. This is definitely a book to add to your collection. I can’t wait to read Ms. Spear’s next work.


Terry Spears has created yet another toothsome tale that won’t leave you hungry. If you love romance and the Scottish highlands, this book will deliver every thing you crave. Miss Spears has served up a delicious meaty tale that misses no opportunity to thrill your heart and satisfy your humger for a great story youwill return to over and over.


Terry Spear’s debut novel, Winning the Highlander’s Heart won this reader’s heart from the first page. If you like witty dialogue, intriguing cliffhangers, and danger around every curve, Winning the Highlander’s Heart is sure to please.

Get Winning The Highlander’s Heart here: Winning The Highlander’s Heart

About The Author

USA TODAY bestselling, and award-winning author and creator of award-winning teddy bears who have found homes all over the world including Australia, Switzerland, China, and Russia, and a retired officer of the US Army Reserves, I love to plant trees and flowers and if I could, I’d turn all the deserts green. Time travels are my favorite read, although I love to read most anything, and the Bourne series, Romancing the Stone, Sixth Sense, Legend, The Princess Bride, Stardust, Inkheart, LOTR, and tons of other movies are my favorites.

I love to research, to make urban fantasy worlds real, to bring a little of the paranormal into our world. Even in “Winning the Highlander’s Heart” the heroine feels she is cursed and she has second sight. But I try to do it in a way that feels real, and not fantasized. 🙂 Currently, I’m working on book 2 of the new jaguar shifter series, but still am working on wolf book number 12 and 13! So more hunky wolves to come! A SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing has just released.

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Terry Spear and ENT appreciate it.

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