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by Ron on April 11, 2018

Today’s Book of the Day is a Romance novel by Amazon bestselling author R.C. Stephens and it’s 80% off for a limited time. Where Promises Die has a 4.4 star rating and is on sale for only 99 cents – save $4!

“The plot twists and details throughout keep you captivated on the edge of your seat as you devour the pages searching for the ending your heart and soul needs.” -Vicki, Bookalicious Babes Blog

Where Promises Die
by R.C. Stephens
Rating: 4.4 Stars
Genre: Romance
Price: $0.99 save $4


Amazon Bestselling Author

Haunted by a childhood trauma that leaves her orphaned, eleven-year-old Grace finds herself on the doorstep of the Duncans, her new adoptive family, broken and unable to speak. Catapulted from a bustling New York City life, she must find a way to call the rural town of Sade, Iowa her new home. Twins Eisav and Jacob Duncan immediately take a liking to Grace, wanting to erase the dark shadows etched on her perfect features.

As the twins vie for her affection, it becomes clear which one makes her smile.

Grace never has a choice for falling in love.

What starts as a way to coax his adopted sister to speak and smile, blossoms into the kind of love that lasts a lifetime.

In this small town it shouldn’t be a crime to fall in love . . .

Isaac Duncan warns his son to stay away from the forbidden fruit. Eisav never listens.

Now an intricate web of lies and secrets stand in the way of Eisav winning back the only woman he has ever loved.

In a place where yesterday’s promises were broken, Eisav must learn what it truly means to love and cherish . . .

But is he too late?

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

This book hits so many emotions on so many levels, I find it hard to pull my thoughts together to tell readers how beautiful this story is. Grace and Eisav’s story is as heartbreaking as it is beautiful. The story is full of secrets and lies that impact so many of the characters and complicates lives that should have been left untainted.


It’s a beautiful love story of true soul mates who just might not get their happily ever after due to secrets, lies and broken promises. It’s amazing and something I recommend everyone read.


The story is riddled with secrets and lies along with a heaping dose of heartbreak. Each character faces their own struggles and have to overcome obstacles to be together. The book has plenty of angst as well as twists and turns, you never know what is coming next and there are plenty of moments in the book that leave you scratching your head. Another brilliant book from R.C. Stephens.


This story had me hooked. There are some crazy things going on in the Duncan family and the church. There are some omg moments and some unexpected twists. There was never a time a got bored reading this one. This one is a must read.


This book will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will find yourself wringing your hands together…I highly recommend reading this and sharing it with your friends as well. Kudos to R.C. Stephens for a simply fabulous book!

Get Where Promises Die here: Where Promises Die

About The Author

As far back as R.C. Stephens can remember she was a sucker for a good romance. Of course there had to be a prince charming even if he ultimately was a dark knight and there had to be a happy ending.

She watched the movie Dirty Dancing way too many times growing up and Jean Claude Van Damme movies too. Go figure!

After years of saying she would write a book one day, she finally put pen to paper and carved out the plot line for what would eventually become the bestselling Twisted Series. Now R.C. is just finishing up her seventh book and can’t seem to stop the stories running through her mind. Visit R.C. on her FB page to find out what’s new in her life and what releases she has coming up.

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – R.C. Stephens and ENT appreciate it.


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