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by Greg on October 4, 2011

Today’s Book Of The Day is a Romantic Suspense with a perfect rating. When the Walls Fell (Out of Time) by Monique Martin has an outstanding 5.0 star rating and is only $3.95! If you liked Out of Time – which many of you did – then make sure to check out When the Walls Fell (Out of Time)!

“I absolutely adored OUT OF TIME (the first book in this series). It was a fantastic tale of time travel and romance. So I’ve been waiting, with high expectations, for the sequel. Dare I say it, but I enjoyed WHEN THE WALLS FELL more than OUT OF TIME.” Sandra D

When the Walls Fell (Out of Time)
by Monique Martin
Rating: 5.0 Stars
Category: Romantic Suspense/Time Travel
Price: $3.95


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Professor Simon Cross and his assistant Elizabeth West have returned from their accidental journey into the past and are adjusting to their new life together as a couple. But an unwanted visit from the Council for Temporal Studies could change everything.

A murder in the past is changing the future, and if the killing isn’t stopped, Simon Cross might never be born.

When they arrive in 1906 San Francisco, Elizabeth and Simon have no idea who wants Victor Graham dead or how it will happen. With the earthquake that leveled most of the city just days away, the race to save Graham thrusts them into a complex mystery of jealousy and revenge where murder might be the least of their worries.

The exciting sequel to Out of Time: A Paranormal Romance, When the Walls Fell, is a time travel adventure filled with suspense, mystery and romance.

Look for more books in the Out of Time series coming in 2012!

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

First let me say that I thought Out of Time was a great book. When the Walls Fell is even better. Honestly. Even though we got to spend a lot of time with Elizabeth in OoT, I feel like this book showed us her character even more. Loved the time period, loved the supporting cast, loved the train of surprise that ran over me on a couple of occasions; I loved it all.


After reading the first book “Out of Time”, I was anxiously awaiting the second. I was not disappointed. I simply loved this book and look forward to the third in the series.


As I’ve come to expect from this author, the writing itself was top notch. Although it’s a sequel, I think it would stand alone perfectly well for readers who haven’t read Out of Time yet (but they’d be missing out). I highly, HIGHLY recommend this book.


I read many books and quickly, so I am always looking for a good book. I stubbled upon the first book a few weeks ago and Absolutely fell in love with the story. I was so happy to see that a new one was coming out shortly. It is history, romance, and adventure all in one. This Sequel was amazing I couldn’t put it down!! I read it in less than a day and wanted more. It is so relieving to know that there are still writers that can write! Job well Done I am waiting anxiously for MORE!

Get When The Walls Fell here: When the Walls Fell (Out of Time)

About The Author

Monique was born in Houston, Texas, but her family soon moved to Southern California. She grew up on both coasts, living in Connecticut and California. She currently resides in Southern California with her naughty Siamese cat, Monkey.

Monique attended the University of Southern California’s Film School where she earned a BFA in the Filmic Writing department. Monique worked in television for several years before joining the family business. She now works full-time as a freelance writer and novelist. Out of Time is her first novel.

She’s currently working on an adaptation of one of her screenplays, her father’s memoirs about his time in the Air Force’s Air Rescue Service and the third book in the Out of Time series.

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Monique Martin and ENT appreciate it.

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