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by Greg on June 10, 2013

Today’s Book of the Day is a highly rated Mystery/Thriller by Libby Fischer Hellman – and it’s 33% off. ToxiCity has an excellent 4.4 star rating and is on sale for only $2.99 – save $1.50!

“I loved this book from the instant I started reading. The novel was intense, beautifully written, intrigue and spellbinding. I would definitely recommend for anyone looking for an entertaining, intense literary piece.” TPM – Amazon Reviewer

by Libby Fischer Hellmann
Rating: 4.4 Stars
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Price: $2.99 save $1.50


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Ten years before EASY INNOCENCE, PI Georgia Davis was a police officer on the force in a Chicago suburb. And while homicides are rare on the North Shore, three bodies turn up in quick succession–all of them dumped in waste disposal dumpsters or landfills. The investigations into the murders test the mettle and professionalism of a combined police task force.

Along the way, they also test the strength of Georgia’s relationship with one of the detectives working the case. While Georgia, her detective boyfriend Matt, and his sometime partner John Stone pit their skills against those of an inventive killer, the daughter of a real estate mogul– who just happens to have her eye on Matt — complicates matters.

A dark police procedural and thriller, TOXICITY is a prequel to the Georgia Davis PI series (EASY INNOCENCE and DOUBLEBACK).

Make sure to pick up Ms. Hellmann’s Thriller, An Image Of Death, while it’s free – June 11th through June 13th.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say about ToxiCity:

This is a very good book about greed and paying for the sins of the father. Very well written. I will read anything this author writes.


I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was blown away once I began reading. The author’s style is fast paced and exciting. I literally couldn’t put the book down. Think CSI meets Erin Brockovich. Combine that with excellent writing and you have a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


…you really have to read this action packed, hard to put down story with lots of character development and even a bit of romance. This is a must read, and then read all her other books! They are all good! Highly recommended.


I loved this book. Not only will the writing style draw you in and make you unable to put down, the plot is skillfully interwoven to keep you guessing. Think A Civil Action meets Erin Brockervich. And the scary thing is, it could happen to you. Greed, murder, cover-ups, damaged relationships – this thriller has everything you need for a fab read.


TOXICITY is an engaging story that will haunt you on many levels. The characters are developed; the reader becomes invested. I found myself furious with every character at one time or another while reading this book which just goes to show how well written this story is. Plan to get emotionally involved while reading TOXICITY. Plan to enjoy reading TOXICITY. Why? Because it is anything but toxic!

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About The Author

Crime fiction author Libby Fischer Hellmann claims she’s “writing her way around the genre.” With ten novels and twenty short stories published, she has written thrillers, suspense mysteries, historicals, PI novels, amateur sleuth, police procedurals, and even a cozy mystery. At the core of all her stories, however, is a crime or the possibility of one—the more political, the better.

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Libby Fischer Hellmann and ENT appreciate it.


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