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by Greg on November 29, 2012

Today’s Book of the Day is a highly rated bargain Mystery by Lynn Osterkamp. Too Far Under has an excellent 4.4 star rating and is only 99 cents!

“I could not put this book down! I highly recommend it for anyone that likes to read and an absolute must for anyone who likes murder mysteries!” HC – Amazon Reviewer

Too Far Under
by Lynn Osterkamp
Rating: 4.4 Stars
Genre: Mystery
Price: $0.99


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Ten-year-old Angelica is sure her mother didn’t drown by accident. But no one will listen to her — especially not her father and his greedy girlfriend. How can she uncover the truth and expose her mother’s murderer?

Mirabel Townes has her share of enemies. But when the wealthy heiress and lapsed Scientologist drowns in her backyard hot tub one August night, the police pronounce it a tragic accident. Her daughters, who suspect murder, refuse to accept that ruling. Determined to unmask their mother’s killer, they beg grief therapist Cleo Sims, to accept them into her Contact Project that helps people communicate with dead loved ones.

Cleo has her own problems with her provisional teaching position at the university, her grandmother who has Alzheimer’s, and her police-detective lover’s warnings to stay out of police business. She doesn’t need more stress. But she can’t resist the pleas of ten-year-old Angelica Townes, a spiritually gifted Indigo child, or the demands of Tyler, her quirky spirit guide, so she agrees to help solve Mirabel’s murder.

If you’re a mystery lover who liked Cleo and Tyler in the first book of this series, you’ll enjoy reconnecting with them in another story filled with complex characters, lots of intrigue, and multiple plot twists. Just like Too Near the Edge, Too Far Under will keep you reading and keep you guessing to the end.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

Too Far Under has 5 stars because it was just that enjoyable. Thanks, Lynn Osterkamp!


The mystery is classic in leaving the reader in suspense about how the truth will come out and “who done it”. I didn’t want to put it down but my plane ride ended and I was exhausted so I picked it up again first thing next day.


Too Far Under by Lynn Osterkamp was a potluck of themes…..paranormal, psychological thriller, murder mystery. I just loved it. I couldn’t wait to pick it up where I left off each time!


When I read the Prologue of this book I emailed the author to tell her I was hooked. Seriously – from the Prologue… I highly recommend it if you want a book that’s easy and quick and draws you in, not letting you go until the very end. I’m totally getting her first book next.


Awesome book. It is a number two book in a series but the wonderful thing about this series is the books can be read as stand alones or as part of the series. Awesome idea Lynn. I loved the book and I totally would read it a second time. ((:

Get Too Far Under here: Too Far Under

About The Author

Lynn Osterkamp is the author of Too Near the Edge, and its sequel Too far Under–the mystery novels that gave life to Cleo, a Boulder-based grief therapist whose ability to contact dead people gets her involved in solving a murder; and Tyler, a dead surfer dude who gives Cleo cryptic and often inscrutable advice. Too Near the Edge won a silver medal in the 2007 IPPY Book Awards for best regional fiction in the west-mountain region.

Lynn is also the author of two nonfiction books as well as numerous articles, manuals and national newsletters. Her professional experience includes hospital and hospice social work, university teaching and research, special education, and long-term-care ombudsman. She lives in Boulder Colorado, where she works for Boulder County Aging Services.

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Lynn Osterkamp and ENT appreciate it.

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