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by Greg on March 21, 2012

Today we have a highly rated Contemporary Romance for ENT’s Book of the Day. Thrill of the Chase by Christina Crooks has an excellent 4.4 star rating and is only $2.99!

“Racy, engaging and at times taut with muscular intensity, “Thrill of the Chase” is a well-crafted tale of intrigue, romance and personal discovery imbued with the heat and horsepower of drag racing. It will keep you hooked all the way through the last page.” Peter D. – Amazon Reviewer

Thrill of the Chase
by Christina Crooks
Rating: 4.4 Stars
Category: Contemporary Romance
Price: $2.99


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Sarah’s a whiz at tuning engines and winning races. Winning Craig, the local drag race hero, proves more difficult. He only has eyes for gorgeous women who are hot in the sack, not grubby tomboys. Sarah’s world gets an overhaul when her father hires Gordon. Soon she’s torn not only between two men she wants, but between the drag race winner she is and the woman she feels pressured to become.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

The sexual tension is perfect, you never quite figure out which man she really wants as she can’t figure it out. There is some great racing action and great character-development on the part of the three main characters. It was really a joy to watch develop. This is a great romance and I look forward to reading more of Christina’s books in the future.


I couldn’t put it down. The characters believable and complete with flaws, the love scenes passionate, the heroine a strong, feminine figure, and there were enough detours from predictability in plot to keep me interested. You really felt like you were at the track!


This is a well-written and unusual romance story. Sarah wants to beat the guys at the track, especially Craig, but Gordon forces her to confront her conflicting desires. The lead character, Sarah, has some interesting obstacles to overcome. It’s a pleasure to read about such a strong female who knows her way around car engines and race tracks but isn’t as clear on how to apply lipstick. If you love racing or women in sports, then give this story a try.


THRILL OF THE CHASE is an interesting contemporary romance that uses drag racing to refreshen the classic triangle story line. Readers will appreciate the unique heroine who beats the men at the track, but struggles with connecting with them off the track until the two men in her life become rivals for her affection. Who gets the checkered flag requires reading a fine character driven tale.

Get Thrill Of The Chase here: Thrill of the Chase

About The Author

Christina Crooks is a multi-published author with books for sale in print, electronic and audio editions. Her novels have been published by Kensington, Samhain, Five Star/Cengage, and Books in Motion Audiobooks. Christina currently lives in Portland, Oregon. Her books Rough Play, Hands On, Sweet and Dirty, L.A. Caveman, and Thrill of the Chase are available. Check out her website at or connect with her on Facebook at

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Christina Crooks and ENT appreciate it.

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