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by Greg on May 6, 2011

Here’s a highly rated bargain Kindle book and it is also today’s Book Of The Day! The Wrinkly by Paul Collis has a very nice 4.2 star rating and costs only $1.99. If you’re looking for or need a good laugh, make sure to check out The Wrinkly!

Fast, funny and well-written. Good story. Defined characters. Could easily be made into a hilarious movie. Recommended with two thumbs up.
– Mrs. Turtle – Amazon Reviewer

The Wrinkly
by Paul Collis
Rating: 4.2 Stars
Category: Humor
Price: $1.99
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Mike Lewis is tired of the New York City rat race and disillusioned with his shallow relationships and meaningless career. During a business trip to Florida he takes a detour and discovers an idyllic retirement community where he could play golf, paint, beachcomb, read the classics, play more golf and listen to his jazz collection any time he chooses. Back at his desk, he decides to buy into it.

But there’s just one problem; he has to be over 60 to join, and he’s only 39.

This tale of one man’s farcical attempt at living in a retirement community and his unexpected encounters with lust, drugs, cosmetics and an identity crisis was written by Paul Collis, a Londoner now living in California.

He adapted it from his screenplay of the same name.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

A promising debut novel from Mr. Collis. Entertaining, pacey and amusingly written.
Wouldn’t be surprised to see some enterprising producer pick it up and turn it into
a movie. No problem seeing Ben Stiller or even Jim Carey in the title role!


This was great fun and a quick read – an almost preposterous premise, and yet – somehow made entirely plausible in the skillful hands of Mr. Collis.. The book, besides being witty and charming, moved along at a good clip, and provided many ribald, laugh out loud moments.


I have to agree with some of the other reviewers. It’s a very visual book, which makes it very funny. Why anyone would want to be old before their time is less mysterious after you meet the hero/victim. His tangled web reaches outrageous proportions. Some really good stuff. Highly recommended.


If you’re a baby boomer, you’ll probably identify with and get more laughs out of the Wrinkly than those under 40, as the descriptions of what it’s like to get old are both funny and at times, a little too close to the brittle bone! But it’s an easy read and a thoroughly enjoyable one and now that I’ve read the book, I wouldn’t mind seeing the movie. Worth the money.

Get The Wrinkly here: The Wrinkly

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Born in Greater London. Art school in the sixties. The next few decades spent at ad agencies creating TV commercials in London, Milan, New York and San Francisco. Some fishing here, some photography there. Currently working on a project involving theft and revenge, set in the 17th century.

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Paul Collis and ENT appreciate it.

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