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by Ron on September 3, 2015

Today’s Book of the Day is a Contemporary Romance box set by USA Today bestselling author Adriane Leigh and it’s 83% off for a limited time. The Wild Series Box Set has a 4.3 star rating and is on sale for only 99 cents – save $5!

“This is a page turner! I loved them all! There’s some intrigue and suspense and some pretty hot scenes. It’s a very good series!” Mary – Amazon Reviewer

The Wild Series Box Set
by Adriane Leigh
Rating: 4.3 Stars
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Price: $0.99 save $5


USA Today Bestselling Author

600+ pages of sexy, fast-paced, WILD fun for $.99!

WILD (Book One)
One independent woman. One controlling man. One wild one-night stand.

Kat Kennedy moved to the rugged coast of Maine to start a new life, but encountered much more than she bargained for in dark, dangerous, and seductive Lane Wild.

Desire and temptation smolder before she succumbs to her darkest fantasies with the captivating stranger. She doesn’t expect to see him again after an explosive one-night stand leaves her breathless and craving more, but just like lightning in the darkness, he shows up in her life at the most unpredictable moments.

A sensual game of cat and mouse ensues before the attraction between them reaches a fever pitch–the magnetism combustible, the sexual tension nearly unbearable–and Kat finally abandons inhibition and explores the cunning, selfish, and sexual side of a world she’s never known.

They have the perfect non-relationship–passion-fueled nights with no strings attached–until life gets real and the past and present collide in a dangerous storm of lust and obsession.

RIDGE (Book Two)
Sometimes doing the wrong thing feels so right…

I’m a player. I’m an asshole. I’m someone you should stay away from.

I have demons.

I’ve made mistakes.

And the biggest can’t be taken back.

I’ve gone to hell and back in twenty-nine years and I’m only now coming to terms with moving forward, righting my wrongs, and making amends. Except not everyone deserves forgiveness. Sometimes the damage done is beyond repair.

Everyday is exactly the same. I focus on the pain, in the quest to feel and forget, but I remember everything. When I close my eyes the darkness encroaches and some days it feels like the things that kill me are the things that make me feel alive.

SLADE (Book Three)
Behind every beautiful thing, there is some kind of pain…

Always overlooked. Always just there. That’s what Dillon was to me.

Until one night.

In one night she flipped my world on its axis and there’s no going back. But she has secrets, and secrets fester like an open wound. They color the past and forecast the future, but I’m determined to open her up; free her from her memories so she can live in the light and have the life she deserves.

It’s just too bad that she wants nothing to do with me. But I’m nothing if not persistent and I’m not a man that gives up without a fight. I’ve had a taste and there’s no walking away.

I just have to convince her that I’m not what she fears, I’m what she wants.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

A good trilogy, especially for the price. To begin with it is set in Maine which is a nice change. The three male alpha males are luscious and the sexy scenes in good taste. Each book has a different premise and is thoughtful and held my attention. Enjoyed the characters.


It’s always refreshing to read from a man’s POV, and each story was so different – I can’t say any was similar or too alike, and I enjoyed that. A very good read, I must say. A definite “I recommend!”


All three books had good storylines. I liked all the characters. Usually it’s girls who are obsessed with the guys so this was unusual to have it the other way around.


I thoroughly enjoyed this trio of stories centered on and narrated by three brothers in Maine. Adriane Leigh crafts a strong, passion filled story, and I appreciated the man’s point of view expressed. It is sometimes difficult to read a story in the man’s voice, but Ms. Leigh made it believable. Each story is complete and the set is a relatively fast read.


I loved that each of these stories were told by a mans point of view. Men, you never know if they truly care. If you like strong women, they are in these stories. Really are very good read this summer.

Get The Wild Series Box Set here: The Wild Series Box Set

About The Author

Adriane Leigh was born and raised in a snowbank in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and now lives among the sand dunes of the Lake Michigan lakeshore.
She graduated with a Literature degree but never particularly enjoyed reading Shakespeare or Chaucer.
She is married to a tall, dark, and handsome guy, and plays mama to two sweet baby girls. She is a voracious reader and wishes she had more time to knit scarves to keep her warm during the arctic Michigan winters.

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Adriane Leigh and ENT appreciate it.


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