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by Greg on August 26, 2011

Today’s Book Of The Day is a very highly rated Epic Fantasy. The Wayfarer King (The Kinshield Saga) by K.C. May has a very impressive 4.7 star rating and costs $3.97.

“K.C. May has, with this book, matured into a writer of note; a writer to be reckoned with, in the fantasy/adventure genre. A really good first book…a great second (and final) book. Well done KC. 5 Stars.” R.N. – Amazon Reviewer

The Wayfarer King (The Kinshield Saga)
by K.C. May
Rating: 4.7 Stars
Category: Epic Fantasy
Price: $3.97


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Book 2 of The Kinshield Saga

Beyonders, evil beings that materialize without warning from the realm of chaos, continue to invade the world of men, destroying everything — and everyone — in their path. The most powerful of them all, Ritol, has been confined for two hundred years inside the palace in Thendylath, trapped by King Arek’s magic.

Having newly claimed the right to rule Thendylath as king, Gavin Kinshield has no money or army, but he’s determined to protect his people from the beyonder attacks. With his new power of Wayfarer, Gavin has the ability to journey to all seven realms. To end the invasion, he must travel to the realm of chaos and summon Ritol. But can he escape before the beyonder champion kills him, devours his soul and takes his place as Wayfarer?

If wizard Brodas Ravenkind has his way, Gavin will never make it that far. Not only does Ravenkind want the throne for himself, he wants revenge for his cousin’s murder too. After all, he made a promise the first time Gavin crossed him…

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

This is another fantastic book by K.C. May. I have enjoyed everything of hers that I have read and was extremely excited to get a chance to read The Wayfarer King (The Kinshield Saga).


May manages a wonderful balance of character, story, action and world. She generously gives us characters, naturally flawed, yet doesn’t slow the story with unnecessary bloated descriptions of their world… no tedious, annoying, long winded battles or overly complex magic systems.


This book is sure to please fans of the first installment. I’ve said before that the enjoyment factor is worth a lot when it comes to the awarding of stars, and this story was immensely enjoyable. It shines, in part, because of its style that manages to be well-developed while maintaining a certain simplicity, which allows the reader to become fully engaged. The development of the fascinating world Gavin inhabits really pushed my enjoyment up a notch.

Get The Wayfarer King here: The Wayfarer King (The Kinshield Saga)

About The Author

I grew up in the mid-western USA and in Hawaii, attended University of Colorado in Boulder and graduated with a B.A. in Russian from Florida State University. In 1985, I moved to Taiwan to teach English and study Mandarin Chinese. I also lived in the Arizona desert for 24 years, where I founded and ran a non-profit Rottweiler rescue organization, studied Ken-po karate, went backpacking, became a bodybuilder (non-competetive), tried sky-diving, did some downhill skiing, renewed my interest in motorcycling, and spent some time on the shooting range. In 2010, I retreated to cooler, greener Georgia. I earn my living as a full-time writer.


I started writing as a kid, but never considered writing for publication until I was around 30 years old. Then it occurred to me that making a living as a writer wouldn’t be a bad deal. I wrote four novels, went through numerous workshops and critique groups, and worked hard to improve my writing skills. In 2005, I attended the Viable Paradise workshop in beautiful Martha’s Vineyard. It was probably the single most influential, helpful writing-related event I’ve experienced. I hope to repeat it this year.

That same year, I entered my novel in a contest for which first-place was a hardcover contract. I won! The publisher wanted to work with an agent, though, so I made a list of the ten most relevant agents for the genre and queried them. That’s when I found out that getting an agent when you already have a publishing contract is pretty easy. The Kinshield Legacy was my first published novel.

In the late 1990s, I was a contributing author for a tech book on Seagate Crystal Reports 7. I’ve also been writing professionally for software companies for about eleven years now, with a nine-year break to write software (C++). Writing software is fun, but technical writing is less stressful.

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – K.C. May and ENT appreciate it.

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