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by Greg on July 5, 2013

Today’s Book of the Day is an Action and Adventure/Alternate History novel by Colin Taber – and it’s 40% off. The United States of Vinland: The Landing has a 4.0 star rating and is on sale for only $2.99 – save $2!

“I have been waiting sooooooo long for this book, and finally, it’s here! It was definitely well worth the wait! I absolutely loved it! I CANNOT wait until the next installment!” Jaci C. – Amazon Reviewer

The United States of Vinland: The Landing
by Colin Taber
Rating: 4.0 Stars
Genre: Action & Adventure
Price: $2.99 save $2


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What if?

What if the descendants of the Vikings who settled Greenland and went on to reach North America around the end of the first millennium had stayed?

Five hundred years later, would Christopher Columbus have arrived to the south of an eastern seaboard dotted with centuries old settlements and towns hosting devotees to Thor and Odin?

Might the Norse have gone on to build a nation as dominant as the United States of our own world?

A thousand years after reaching Greenland, Vinland and Markland, would we still have had two world wars? What might the world look like? Where might the political and religious divides be drawn?

This is the New World.


At the turn of the first millennium:

Eskil, orphaned in war, but now a man, is leading his followers to found a settlement dedicated to Asgard’s gods in the newly discovered lands in the west. There, after tests, adventures and challenges, he will leave a legacy that will grow to become the strongest nation the world has ever seen.

The Landing is the first book in The United States of Vinland series and is an alternate history that begins the saga with the establishment of the first Markland halls.

Welcome to Norse America.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

I was most struck with the setting. The majestic natural environment was described beautifully, making me feel like I was there all through the book. The story continually moved forward and was full of action.


This book is a spectacular beginning to what will be a brilliant alternate history of the world. My sister first recommended Colin’s books to me after she read The Fall of Ossard, and I have been a fan since. I eagerly await the next installments in this series… Well done Mr Taber!


Not since reading “How Few Remain” or “Dies the Fire” have I been so excited about a new series! Colin Taber has demonstrated that he can stand alongside giants in the Alternate History genre like Stirling and Turtledove. His writing is engaging, his characters are well developed and elicit empathy, and he accomplishes what every writer aspires to – he leaves you anxious for the next installment.


It hit the high points, kept the pages turning, and delivered. I am already looking forward to the next one.


An exciting read that delves into the culture and mindset of these ancient peoples. Very human and personal approach to a successful Norse colony on North America.

Get The United States of Vinland: The Landing here: The United States of Vinland: The Landing

About The Author

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Colin Taber was born in Australia in 1970 and announced his intention to be a writer at the innocent age of 6. His father, an accountant, provided some cautious advice, suggesting that life might be easier if his son pursued a more predictable vocation.

Colin didn’t listen.

Over the past twenty years Colin’s had over a hundred magazine articles published, notably in Australian Realms Magazine. In 2009 his first novel, The Fall of Ossard, was released to open his coming of age dark fantasy series, The Ossard Trilogy. The second installment, Ossard’s Hope, followed in 2011 and was supported by a national book signing tour. Currently Colin is working on the final book in that trilogy, Lae Ossard, and a new series that will see release in early 2013.

Colin has done many things over the years, from working in bookshops to event management, small press publishing, landscape design and even tree farming. All he really wants to do, though, is to get back to his oak grove and be left to write.

Thankfully, with an enthusiastic and growing readership, that day is coming.

He currently haunts the west coast city of Perth.

Get regular updates at his Facebook fan page:!/Taberland

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Colin Taber and ENT appreciate it.


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