Book Of The Day – The Raven Of Dusk- Transcendence

by Ron on August 12, 2015

Today’s Book of the Day is a Fantasy novel by Anthony Greer and it’s 75% off for a limited time. The Raven of Dusk- Transcendence has a 4.5 star rating and is on sale for only 99 cents – save $3!

“There are those who write books and storytellers who create life, Anthony Greer is a gifted storyteller.” Jonathon – Amazon Reviewer

The Raven of Dusk- Transcendence
by Anthony Greer
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Genre: Fantasy
Price: $0.99 save $3


All life on Noreis once went extinct. The story of how and why it happened has devolved from history to myth, and from the dust of fading memories, life has spurned anew. A new world has erected with city-states that have skyscrapers that touch the heavens, lands covered in crystals with pavements like rock candy, and culture is rich and vibrant. Some people flourish in the footsteps of their ancestors while others drown in their shadows. Women rule amongst men, disputes are fickle, and a brighter history is being written.

But trouble is brewing.

One man’s desire to learn of the Transcendence Theory causes ripples in the world’s placid fabric. At the core of a widening conflict are several people with varying backgrounds, dreams, and personal tragedies: A man begins a journey of vengeance when his father is murdered before his eyes; a brazen young woman finds herself encased in an enigmatic white glow; a beloved hero thrives on his family name while his son suffers fame’s consequences; a political animal is on the verge of giving birth to child that should not exist; and the Ravens of Dusk are preparing to make their presence known.

Shifts in Noreis threaten the long-standing peace of its inhabitants, political ties are shifting and breaking, unlikely alliances are forming, and betrayals are devastating. As dawn sheds light on the beginning of the end of days, only one thing is certain: whatever once caused a global extinction thousands of years threatens to repeat itself.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

have to be honest I was looking for something else and accidently came across this book. Read the nutshell and saw a new writer and decided to give it a shot……OMG I loved it. I couldn’t put it down …. I was hooked. When will there be a sequel?


The book does start off hot, insofar as the reader is dumped straight into the action, but once you get your footing, you’ll find yourself keeping up, and turning the pages eagerly for more. Mr. Greer, I believe you owe me several hours of sleep since you kept me up reading one night.


Each character was well written and I enjoyed reading their stories. I think that while the book was set on a different planet, the characters were dealing with relatable themes that made you care about them and want to learn more about them. I would recommend this to sci fiction fans as I think they would enjoy it.


Clear, forward moving narrative that keeps you hooked and engaged for hours on end. Many night of sleep lost to the adventures of the characters. The world has been intricately thought out and created. This is one crazy story and the vivid world of Noreis is full of potential to explore.


I read this authors first book – The Messengers – and absolutely loved it – can’t wait for the sequel! So I had to read this one – though the genre is completely different – my opinion is the same LOVE IT! I’m not usually a Sci-Fi reader – but this book really isn’t Sci-Fi – just happens to take place in that kind of world – great story – hooked again!! Please tell me there is a sequel!

Get The Raven of Dusk- Transcendence here: The Raven of Dusk- Transcendence

About The Author

Anthony Greer is a slightly off-kilter contradiction. Sometimes he is a leaf on the wind and rides the sky waves wherever they him. He’s a great conversationalist as long as you don’t talk during Game of Thrones or Big Brother, and incredibly nice when he wants to trade resources with you in Settlers of Catan (don’t do it! It’s a trap!!!).

He was raised amongst the olive-skinned natives of a Long Island town before transplanted to the rain-coated, black coffee loving capital of the Starbucks world. He learned early after being too school for cool that bartending supported his addiction to structuring sentences into stories of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery and Young Adult.

Anthony is unafraid to make big moves in the game of life, but sometimes needs to be thrown off the plane to figure out how to fly. Like a nine-lived cat he always land on his feet, and when those thick-padded paws hit the dirt he bears a smile on his face and recants a knee-slapper he heard on his journey, laughing half-way through the joke and usually forgetting the rest.

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Anthony Greer and ENT appreciate it.


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