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by Greg on March 14, 2012

Today’s Book of the Day is a highly rated, bargain Epic Fantasy – and it’s on sale for 80% off! The Black God’s War by Moses Siregar III has an excellent 4.4 star rating and is on sale for only 99 cents – save $3.96! If you’re a fan of fantasy novels, you will love this book by the very talented Mr. Siregar and you can’t beat the price!

“Simply a great book..skillfully written. It is intriguing, holds your interests and has some surprising twists and turns that will pleasantly, or unpleasantly, surprise you. For a debut novel…simply outstanding. Would I read the second book…absolutely. 5 Stars.” Ray N. – Amazon Reviewer

The Black God’s War
by Moses Siregar III
Rating: 4.4 Stars
Category: Epic Fantasy
Price: $0.99 save $3.96


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Against the backdrop of epic warfare and the powers of ten mysterious gods, Lucia struggles to understand The Black One.

Her father-king wants war.

Her messianic brother wants peace.

The black god wants his due.

She suffers all the consequences.

King Vieri is losing his war against the lands of Pawelon. Feeling abandoned by his god, he forces his son Caio, the kingdom’s holy savior, to lead his army. Victory ought to come soon.

To counter Caio’s powers, Pawelon’s prince enters the conflict. Rao is a gifted sage, a master of spiritual laws. He joins the rajah to defend their citadel against the invaders. But Rao’s ideals soon clash with his army’s general.

The Black One tortures Lucia nightly with visions promising another ten years of bloodshed. She can no longer tell the difference between the waking world and her nightmares. Lucia knows the black god too well. He entered her bed and dreams when she was ten.

The Black One watches, waiting to see Lucia confront an impossible decision over the fates of two men–and two lands.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

“Moses is a fine writer deserving of success, and I think that it will follow … maybe his project will turn him into the next Amanda Hocking. Personally, I really enjoyed Moses’s work.” -David Farland, NYT Bestselling Author of The Runelords


I can’t stop thinking about the characters and their journeys. I find myself contemplating the messages that were delivered (whether overtly or veiled). Overall, I find I really can’t stop thinking about this story. Unforgettable story, intriguing characters, compelling journey with unexpected twists- in short, a very satisfying and engaging read. Isn’t that why we read for pleasure?


This is a great read. It doesn’t feel like the first novel from a newbie author. It reads more like the first in a new series from an already-established fan favorite. Except there is no “barrier-to-entry,” no password required, to access this exotically detailed world. Moses makes it very easy to jump right in and immerse yourself in his creation. I can’t wait for the next one. Keep `em coming, Moses. Give Black Gods’ War a try–it will be time well spent.


The Black God’s War is a unique experience. The plot is intricate, the characters even more so, and the message is one of beauty. By the time you flip to the last few pages, I hope you have the shivers just as I did, which is how I know that Moses Siregar is going to be around a long time, and his voice, one of unity, passion, and loving sensibilities, is important – in the world at large as well as literature. So bravo, Mr. Siregar. You wrote a damn good book. You should be very proud.


The Black God’s War: Splendor and Ruin, Book I by Moses Siregar III was a dazzling beginning to a fantasy series that was a delight to read and nearly impossible to put down. I am really looking forward to continuing the series and believe that Moses’ story will only get better! Everyone should go out and get a copy (or sit on their couch and order it)! I only hate that it took so long for me to review the book and pass along the greatness to you!

Get The Black God’s War here: The Black God’s War

About The Author

When I was ten, I fell in love with an anime series: a space opera spanning three human generations, a saga that unfolded over 85 consecutive episodes and four months of after-school TV. Watching ‘Robotech’ was a spiritual experience for me. I still remember how high I felt after watching the final episode for the first time. How many pleasures in life are better than a well-executed drama?

After that experience, I decided I wanted to be a storyteller when I grew up, hoping to someday inspire others as Robotech inspired me. Although I’ve written professionally and for pleasure for many years, it wasn’t until recently that I got back around to my heart’s desire when I was a boy: Telling the big story.

I’ve never had so much fun.

‘The Black God’s War’ is a stand-alone epic fantasy novel and an homage to Homer with a multicultural flavor. It’s also the first book in the ‘Splendor and Ruin’ series. My novella-length preview of the novel is available on Amazon. The full novel is planned for release in print and as an e-book in August 2011.

You can follow my blog, ‘Moses and Dionysus Walk Into a Bar …’ at I’m also a co-host of the popular Adventures In SciFi Publishing podcast.

I invite you to read a sample from my epic story and, more than anything, I hope you’ll enjoy it and feel inspired to pursue your own passion.

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Moses Siregar III and ENT appreciate it.

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