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by Ron on June 29, 2017

Today’s Book of the Day is a Historical Romance novel by award-winning author Lara Blunte and it’s 67% off for a limited time. The Abyss has a 4.3 star rating and is on sale for only 99 cents – save $2!

“Lara is an absolutely brilliant story-teller, with a superb narrative craft. I’ve read all her works, and again, with The Abyss she does not disappoint.” Ana – Amazon Reviewer

The Abyss
by Lara Blunte
Rating: 4.3 Stars
Genre: Historical Romance
Price: $0.99 save $2


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Award-Winning Author

It’s 1803 and Napoleon is set to conquer all of Europe. Two lovers in Lisbon will be split by their families, then by war and invasion — only to find each other again in a new, wild land; a land as wild as their passion.

Clara is so beautiful that her mother has the highest ambitions for her; Gabriel is the second son of the mighty Marquis of Vargas, a title almost as old as Portugal itself. They love each other, but when Gabriel is disinherited for loving Clara, she must refuse his proposal. He disappears without a trace.

Years later, Prince John, Regent of Portugal, must set sail for Brazil as Napoleon’s forces invade Lisbon. With the court go Clara and her family, and across the sea they find a country rich in diamonds, gold and emeralds – but poor in refinement.

However, in Rio de Janeiro Clara’s dearest prayers are finally answered: she meets Gabriel again. This time he has made his own fortune and they can get married. But as they travel to Gabriel’s vast sugar estate in the interior, a letter from Lisbon confirms a dormant suspicion in him, and an abyss will open between husband and wife.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

I finished reading The Abyss by Lara Blunte this weekend and let me tell you it is a heart-wrenching romance and epic adventure rolled into one. The Abyss is a dazzling page turner in Lara Blunte’s classic style that is smooth as silk. Spinning a web of lies, deception and just-out-of-reach romance, Blunte satisfies the reader with sexy details that bring the romance to fruition.


Story grabs you at the beginning and you just can’t stop reading. I cried so much not knowing where the author would take me! What I liked was the characters, the era and the love they had for each other. It showed how jealousy can cloud our minds into believing the lies are real. It showed how forgiveness and mercy can make us better people. I don’t want to give plot away because I think everyone should be surprised and experience the emotions the characters experienced!


This book… I can’t even put it into words. The writing style is unique and beautiful, and the plot line is perfect. It made me laugh, smile, and even cry at the end. (like, a lot. Think giant, sobbing mess) This book is definitely 100% recommended, and you would be missing out on a lot of heart wrenching tears if you didn’t buy it. But, like, good heart wrenching tears. Good ones.


Extremely well written. It kept my interest from the first page. Thank you for writing a novel with lots of passion but no smut. Thank you for answers to my questions about the way men and women act and should act in a relationship. This novel was more than a simple romance. It was complex. I loved this book!


The author’s usual capacity to paint a clear picture in a few words makes us feel more as though we are watching a movie. But, again, it’s the people she creates and their emotions that make her books stand out. The vivid passion between the two main characters, the other characters around them and all the emotional turmoil they go through make this a book to read and reread. Highly recommended and very different than anything out there!

Get The Abyss here: The Abyss

About The Author

Lara Blunte started writing romances because she missed the ones she loved, stories actually written in the past with a wealth of emotion to them — and the omniscient narrator, responsible for some of the most lyrical passages in novels.

She believes that characters are only interesting when they have flaws: their flaws will create the story.

Blunte uses lush, exotic backgrounds for her novels — like Istanbul, Uganda, Jordan, Cambodia, Mexico and Brazil — because she has spent her adult life traveling for work.

As Cassia Meare she has published the stories of her real adventures, The World and I, and she has started a YA saga whose first volume is Time Seer.

She won the Wattys Award 2015 with To Be King.

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Lara Blunte and ENT appreciate it.


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