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by Greg on July 18, 2013

Today’s Book of the Day is a highly rated Historical Romance by bestselling, award-winning author, Cynthia Wright – and it’s 50% off for a limited time. Surrender The Stars has a very impressive 4.5 star rating and is on sale for only $1.99 – save $2!

“I’m so happy I discovered the Beauvisage/Raveneau novels!!! They’re fantastically written, beautifully thought out, and happily completed. Couldn’t recommend them more!” Shellig – Amazon Reviewer

Surrender The Stars
by Cynthia Wright
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Genre: Historical Romance
Price: $1.99 save $2


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Renegade sea captain Ryan Coleraine is persuaded to accompany the adventurous Raveneau family to Regency London to spy for America during the War of 1812. The sardonic Coleraine must take the place of their son, who is in the West Indies, and pretend to be a fop. Lindsay Raveneau, a beautiful and independent bluestocking, finds herself with a “brother” who challenges and arouses her in the most unsettling ways…

Danger, intrigue, and forbidden passion mount as Ryan and Lindsay carry their daring masquerade to the elegant drawing rooms of Regency society. Adding to the tensions are Lindsay’s parents – Andre and Devon Raveneau from SILVER STORM – who must attempt to chaperone their daughter and her “brother” under their own roof!

SURRENDER THE STARS is pure delight – sensuous, witty, unexpected, and vibrant with the magic of love. Cynthia Wright has written another “keeper!”

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

This is my favorite book of Cynthia’s so far! Everything was perfect – the story, the historical backdrop, the intrigue, and the romance! This was a very romantic story with the ending being the most romantic I have ever read. Truly! You should definitely get Surrender the Stars and read it!! Cynthia Wright is a wonderful writer.


Cynthia Wright is a master storyteller who takes you, in Surrender the Stars, from Philadelphia to Regency London. What a treat! You will see the stars in this one! A fun read! Enjoy!!! You will smile throughout this book. I know I did!


Every time I re-read one of Cynthia Wright’s novels, I fall in love all over again with the characters she creates. Her heroes are utterly unforgettable and stand head and broad shoulders above the rest. If you love historical romances that truly embrace the people, places, and customs of the time, Cynthia Wright’s delightfully detailed novels will be a welcome read.


I loved the action and romance in this book. The characters were sexy and smart. I loved the political backdrop. A very colorful and fun read. I loved the tension between the lead characters. I was never bored and enjoyed every page!


It has all the ingredients of a great book: comedy, love story, family values, action and suspense. What more can you ask for. I will definitely read this book again. What can I say? I love, love this book. You won’t be disappointed.

Get Surrender The Stars here: Surrender The Stars

About The Author

So many readers have asked: “In what order should I read the Beauvisage & Raveneau books?”
Although the titles stand alone, these two series intertwine with some characters crossing over, and many readers enjoy them in chronological order:
1793 – SPRING FIRES (A Beauvisage/Raveneau Novel)
1814 – NATALYA
1818 – SILVER SEA (A Raveneau/Beauvisage Novel)
1903 – TEMPEST (now available!)

My career as a novelist began when I was twenty-three, with a phone call from New York announcing that CAROLINE would be published by Ballantine Books. Can you imagine my excitement? I went on to write 12 more bestselling historical romances set in Colonial America, Regency England & America, Medieval England & France, and the American West.

My novels have won many awards over the years, but what means most are readers’ messages like this one: “When I read your books, I can’t wait to turn the page, but never want the story to end.” It’s been a thrill to have all my novels published as eBooks (newly edited, with gorgeous new covers!), and I have also released an all-new Raveneau Novel, TEMPEST!

Today I live in northern California with my husband, Alvaro, in a 1930’s Spanish cottage. When we aren’t riding our tandem road bike or traveling in our vintage Airstream, I love spending time with family, especially my two young grandsons. I also recently received a degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant and feel blessed to have two rewarding careers!

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Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Cynthia Wright and ENT appreciate it.


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