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by Ron on December 2, 2015

Today’s Book of the Day is a Romance novel by Zeecé Lugo and it’s 67% off for a limited time. Strongheart’s Woman has a 4.6 star rating and is on sale for only 99 cents – save $2!

“An amazing love story, one of the best I’ve read in recent years. There are other books in this universe, and I will be reading them as soon as I can.” CJ – Amazon Reviewer

Strongheart’s Woman
by Zeecé Lugo
Rating: 4.6 Stars
Genre: Romance
Price: $0.99 save $2


Strongheart’s Woman – Nook
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Two women close as sisters. Two lives to be lived. The world to be discovered.

One man to be loved!

Under the light of a full moon, the bewitching girl dances to the beat of the tribal drums. The firelight lays shadows in the hollow at the base of her neck. The soft slope of her breasts glows golden and warm. She whirls out of her lover’s arms, and the sound of the tiny beads woven into her myriad braids is like the patter of raindrops on a summer’s eve. Victor Strongheart watches, his beautiful princess bride at his side. But the heart is a treacherous thing that always longs for what it can not have.

Victor Strongheart arrives to meet the princess that by written accord, he must take as wife. Annasai is everything a man may want: stunningly beautiful, sexy, bright, willing. Strongheart could not be happier. Until Annasai’s beloved cousin Setiyah, all nettles and stings, dances in the moonlight!

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

I had a hard time putting this book down. The characters were very engaging, especially Setiyah. I also found the post-pandemic setting to be very interesting. I have already read Edge of the World and am very much looking forward to reading Daniel’s Fork and anything else that comes along in this series.


Zeece did a wonderful job bringing a post apocalyptic romance to life. This book focuses a lot on how the past was, and brings it to the future after all things technological have failed society. I loved the extremely unique names. Nothing followed any other story line/plot that I have read in years, and it was rather refreshing to have a futuristic past novel that worked for the readers


Miss Lugo certainly does not disappoint in this beautifully written tale of love and lust. Although set in a world after humanity has all but been wiped out, she does not resort to the typical dystopian themes, but reverts back to a time of lords, warriors, and tribal cultures. I cannot fault this novel in any way, and I am left wanting more from the world of Daniel’s Fork!


A perfect post-apocalyptic romance. I am so glad that Ms Lugo wrote this book. I read and reviewed Daniel’s Fork a while back, giving it a solid five stars. If I could, I’d give this book more.


I also think that Zeece Lugo outdid herself with this book.The story is gripping and fast-paced, and I couldn’t wait to get to the conclusion. The story is well-written and the characters each have their own voice. I loved this story and can’t wait to read more from this extremely, talented author. I highly recommend this tale and give it my 5 feathers. Good job.

Get Strongheart’s Woman here: Strongheart’s Woman

About The Author

Zeecé Lugo was born in Puerto Rico, grew up in Brooklyn, and lived in many places. She spent seven years in the U.S. Air force, taught for many years in Miami, and even spent a year working for the IRS. Her early love was reading. The worlds of Pern, Middle-earth, St. Mary Mead, and Shrewsbury Abbey had an incredible influence and hold on her imagination.

She wrote her first novel, Daniel’s Fork, in two months, spending long hours at her task. During that time, she ensconced herself in her bedroom with her computer, barely coming out to grab a cup of coffee or a snack. One day, her nearest neighbor came desperately knocking at her bedroom window, afraid that Zeecé might be dead; no one had seen her for days!

Daniel’s Fork was meant to be the first book in a romantic trilogy. Little did Zeecé know that stories have a way of going where they want to go. Daniel’s Fork turned out to be a journey to the future past! It is a sexy mystery set in the future, giving birth to a fictional universe: the Daniel’s Fork universe.

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Zeecé Lugo and ENT appreciate it.


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