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by Greg on November 18, 2011

Today’s Book Of The Day is a Mystery/Fantasy novel with a perfect rating. Shadow Path (Portals) by P.L. Blair has a great 5.0 star rating and is only $3.69!

“This book will change your mind forever about “fantasy” novels. It certainly changed my opinion. I will be seeking out the rest of the books in the series by P.L. Blair to follow the exploits of the Corpus Christi detectives (one human and the other an elf), to see what new police cases come through the “Portals” from the “otherside.”” Pamela – Amazon Reviewer

Shadow Path (Portals)
by P.L. Blair
Rating: 5.0 Stars
Category: Mystery/Fantasy
Price: $3.69


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Magic and crime. Agatha Christie meets J.R.R. Tolkien in “Shadow Path,” the first book in the new Portals series by author P.L. Blair.

An Ogre murdered with a rune-inscribed sword is just the beginning as Kat Morales, a very human detective on the Corpus Christi, Texas, police force, and her Elf partner Tevis McLeod follow a blood trail that leads to Pixies, necromancy and Magic of the Blackest kind … to its climax in a stronghold Between worlds, where Tevis must duel spell for spell with a former lover who wants to see her old flame extinguished permanently.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

Shadow Path is the first book in the portal series by P.L. Blair and I eagerly look forward to reading the next! The author has an artistic flair for mixing the realities of this world with the magical world of the Otherside. With each page I was left desiring to know more about Tevis the quiet, level-headed Elf and Kat the gutsy, more impulsive detective. P.L. Blair excels at providing detailed background information while introducing new characters at just the right pace!


Think fantasy is a load of bunk, but love a good murder mystery? This book will change your mind forever about “fantasy” novels. It certainly changed my opinion. The believable combination of murder, mystery and magical mayhem grabs your attention and pulls you through the book with one cliffhanger after another. The idea of “portals” from a parallel world of magical creatures lets you imagine what it would be like if elves, wizards, ogres, pixies and the like were actually thrust into our world for real.


This story proved to be a lot of fun to read. While it certainly has fantasy elements, I loved that the author put the setting in the modern world. Not only that, but she managed to conduct her world building in a way that felt very believable. All the necessary explanations are given, but done in a way that doesn’t bog the reader down in details. Instead, it came in bursts as the information was needed. That allowed the story to keep moving quickly so people can stay engaged in the tale. The further I got into Shadow Path, the more entranced I became. This is one author that has no lack of imagination or creativity.

Get Shadow Path here: Shadow Path (Portals)

About The Author

P.L. Blair is a native of Tyler, Texas. She currently spends most of her year in Rockport, Texas, where her family lives, and summers in Sheridan, Wyo. – where she lived full-time for more than 20 years. She has worked for newspapers for more than 30 years. She is now author of the Portals series, novels that blend fantasy, detective mysteries and the occasional touch of horror. In addition to her human family, Blair shares her life with two basset hounds, a longhaired dachshund, and two cats.

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – P.L. Blair and ENT appreciate it.

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