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by Ron on August 9, 2016

Today’s Book of the Day is a #1 Amazon bestselling Womens Fiction novel by Pauline Wiles and it’s 75% off for a limited time. Saving Saffron Sweeting has a 4.6 star rating and is on sale for only 99 cents – save $3!

“The writing was fabulous, the characters were all so distinctive and well fleshed out, the storyline was fun and believable and the premise was clever and original.” Kimberly – Amazon Reviewer

Saving Saffron Sweeting
by Pauline Wiles
Rating: 4.6 Stars
Genre: Womens Fiction
Price: $0.99 save $3


#1 Amazon Bestseller

A charming romantic comedy about running away to England when your marriage goes wrong.

Grace Palmer’s British friends all think she’s living the American Dream. But her design business is floundering and when she discovers her husband is cheating with her best client, she panics and flees home to England.

The tranquil village of Saffron Sweeting appears to be a good place for Grace to lick her wounds, but the community is battling its own changes. Reluctantly, Grace finds herself helping her new neighbors as they struggle to adjust and save their businesses. However, not everyone has the same opinion on what’s good for the village. The charismatic new man in her life may have one speculative eye on Grace, but the other is firmly on profit. How will she navigate the tricky path between her home and her happiness?

With gentle humor and generous helpings of British tea and cake, Saving Saffron Sweeting explores one woman’s need to define herself through her career and community, before she can figure out who should be by her side.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

This was a fun book to read and on my list to reread later. Grace flee to a quaint town in Norfolk and finds a job with a decorator.. She meets lots of funny characters and a slight love interest. This book is so wonderfully descriptive of that area and of British small towns. Just a delight to read.


Don’t let the title fool you. Excellent story, could not put it down, so engrossing. Enjoyed the English landscape, small village dynamics, and characters progression, wonderful descriptive writing. Highly recommend.


I hope Pauline Wiles has another book ready for publication soon because I want more! Whether it’s a sequel or an altogether different story, I am eager to read her next book. But, at some point, a sequel is definitely in order. Since I can’t move to Saffron Sweeting, she must take me there again.


Thoughtful and funny, this novel will keep you running back to your kindle whenever you get a spare moment. But make sure to put the kettle on first and stock up on chocky bikkies– numerous references to English cream tea, roast dinners and other British nosh will leave you salivating.


Happily will recommend this book to friends. We all recognize the angst of an imperfect marriage, the struggle to be independent AND successful. I found myself quietly cheering for Grace while I was reading. Will definitely watch for more from Pauline Wiles.

Get Saving Saffron Sweeting here: Saving Saffron Sweeting

About The Author

British by birth, Pauline is now a contented resident of California, although she admits to occasional yearnings for afternoon tea and historic homes.

Her debut novel, Saving Saffron Sweeting, reached the quarter final of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award and was a number one Kindle Best Seller. The stand-alone prequel, Secrets in the Sky, is now available, with the third book in the series coming in 2016. Other work has been published by House of Fifty, Smitten by Britain and Alfie Dog Fiction.

When not writing, Pauline can be found getting the steps wrong in a Zumba class or calculating how many miles she has to run to justify an extra piece of cake. Her ambition is to sell enough books to cover the cost of flying herself and a reader to London for tea. Until then, she loves to get emails from readers and she takes note of every review left on Amazon.

To learn more, visit:

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Pauline Wiles and ENT appreciate it.


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