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by Greg on July 12, 2013

Today’s Book of the Day is a Romantic Comedy trilogy by bestselling author, Patrice Wilton and it’s 50% off for only a couple of days. Romantic Comedy Trilogy has an impressive 4.8 star rating and is on sale for only $1.99 – save $2!

If you buy the 3 books in this trilogy separately, it would cost $7, so make sure to pick up this deal now while it’s less than $2.

“Patrice Wilton’s Candy Bar series is sexy good fun, with a little magic sprinkled on top. And to have all three packaged together is a brilliant buy!” Traci H. – Amazon Reviewer

Romantic Comedy Trilogy
by Patrice Wilton
Rating: 4.8 Stars
Genre: Romance
Price: $1.99 save $2


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Three best selling romantic comedies, The Candy Bar series, all for one amazing price. REPLACING BARNIE, WHERE WISHES COME TRUE, NIGHT MUSIC which is only now released — bundled together for your enjoyment. They come with a warning–you may stay up late at night laughing.

Lydia O’Reilley, divorce attorney, is on the fast track to make partner until she meets a hot stranger at the Candy Bar, and one thing leads to another. The following morning she’s doing a joint deposition and in walks Jed, the man she’d spent the night with, and her new client’s soon-to-be-ex husband. Later she learns the condom broke and she’s pregnant. Now her perfect life is seriously derailed, and it may take a little magic to make everything right.

Susie spends Friday night at the Candy Bar, the hottest spot in South Beach. She wears a perfect size 2, and blows her money on Jimmy Choo shoes. But appearances can be deceiving. Perfect on the outside, her flaws are carried deep. Disfigured at birth, her father, a renowned plastic surgeon started her life under the knife and her sees herself as the ugly duckling in a family of swans. Her words, not mine. She is about to begin an adventure of a lifetime, a 6-week sojourn in Florence to study painting, when Brett, a hot firefighter who she has known and loved forever, is badly injured and scarred. He pushes her away, but she is a champion for the underdog, and it’s impossible for her to leave anyone in need, little alone the man she loves. She must choose between her dream of studying painting or staying behind to help the man she loves–even if he doesn’t love her. Will Susie ever find the happiness that has always been outside her grasp, and learn that love begins within?

Fran Sherman is a survivor—she’s also resilient, stubborn, tenacious, feisty, and a whole slew of other words, but you get my point. If a tornado came her way, she’d probably swallow it whole and spit the damn thing out. That’s Fran Sherman, like a tank and just as indestructible.
And yet, tonight at the Candy Bar she feels vulnerable as if something beyond her control just might get the better of her.
Fire chief John Hanley is also at the bar that night. He’s looking forward to retirement in a few years, and has dreams of starting a fishing charter business. After being married to a woman who harped at him for 20 years, and then ran off with another woman, the last thing he wants is romance and a dame messing with his plans. And yet, that old Candy Bar magic has a way of playing tricks, and once you’re caught in its path, you’re swept along on a tumultuous, enjoyable ride.
This hilarious, touching story is sure to capture your heart.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

If you are looking for a great series then this is the one for you! I have enjoyed each one and cant wait to keep reading the next one.


Patrice Wilton bundles up plenty of fun with her Candy Bar Trilogy. Her romantic comedies continue to offer top-notch writing and humor for readers. Why enjoy one candy bar when you can have three? Thanks to this wonderful author for the many hours of enjoyable reading she has provided.


From “Replacing Barnie”

This author blends the perfect amount of romance, wit, and humor into a page turner of a book! This book is laugh out loud funny, yet with a romantic plot. I shared this book with all of my girlfriends!! If you want a fun, easy read with plenty of laughs….this book is for you!!


From “Where Wishes Come True”

Patrice Wilton nails it with this fast moving tale of a woman struggling to find her own path. The twists and turns keep you turning the pages and wanting more at the end. Don’t miss it!


From “Night Music”

What a great story. I love the authors humor! I wish there was a Candy Bar near me. LOL! A little magic would be nice. I really enjoyed this story and will look forward to enjoying more by Ms Wilton. Loved it!!

Get Romantic Comedy Trilogy here: Romantic Comedy Trilogy

About The Author

Patrice Wilton was born in Vancouver, Canada, and knew from the age of twelve that she wanted to be a writer. She also knew that she had to grow up first and see the world that she wanted to write about. She became a flight attendent for 17 years, then moved to Australia, and England, before settling in West Palm Beach, Florida. She wrote the successful romantic comedy, “Candy Bar series”, and three women fiction stories, and has sold her “returning war hero” series to Amazon Montlake.

When she’s not writing, you might find her on the tennis court, or hitting golf balls with her PGA pro husband.

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Patrice Wilton and ENT appreciate it.


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